Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

Greenhead is proud to present the inaugural Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame. The creation of this new program is a long overdue effort to preserve the contributions of those individuals who have gone above and beyond through dedicated time, resources and other work to enhance the waterfowl industry in Arkansas. For more, visit

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Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame Honors Inaugural Class

Arkansas is unrivaled in terms of heritage, opportunity and dedication to the sport when it comes to duck hunting. The Arkansas Waterfowlers Hall of Fame was created with the goal to honor those who contributed to the state's duck hunting industry. read more >

Contemporary Inductee: George Dunklin Jr., A Legacy on the Grand Prairie

It's amazing what you can learn if you listen. For George Dunklin Jr., the many drives from his childhood home in Pine Bluff to family hunting land around Stuttgart and back again with his father proved that. read more >

Contemporary Inductee: Rick Dunn, Actions and Championship Calls Do the Talking

Rick Dunn's simple philosophy – in duck calling and in business – is as straightforward and honest as the people his company serves, enjoying the sport he loves best. read more >

Contemporary Inductee: Larry Grisham, Filling the State's Game and Fish Coffers Through Art

Conservation starts in the hearts and minds of outdoorsmen but it also takes money, and lots of it, to ensure the hunting and fishing are here for the enjoyment of all and for generations to come. That intersection of love of outdoors and business acumen necessary to pay for it is where Larry Grisham comes in. read more >

Historical Inductee: Dr. Rex Hancock, A Voice in the Wilderness Defending Precious Habitat

Even by Arkansas standards, Archibald Rex Hancock Jr.'s love of the outdoors was exceptional. If there was a battle to be fought in defense of Arkansas' sporting fields, it was Hancock who could be found at the front of the line. read more >

Contemporary Inductee: Marion McCollum, Global Sports Goods Phenomenon

There are a few Arkansas institutions that a person simply must experience to fully understand what this great state is all about. And on that distinguished list, Mack's Prairie Wings, built into landmark status by President and CEO Marion McCollum, holds a place of particular distinction. read more >

Historical Inductee: Edgar Monsanto Queeny, Bringing Uncommon Elegance and Innovation to Grand Prairie

Well before conservation and habitat refuge were part of a national discussion, Edgar Monsanto Queeny provided the vision and necessary capital to help ensure ducks and other waterfowl were in abundant supply on the Grand Prairie, introducing advancements that continue to be refined today. read more >

Ducks Unlimited Legacy of Service Award: Rollie Remmel

Rollie Remmel embodied the title “best friend” to everyone he met and every cause he got behind. Untiring in his passion for ducks and conservation and irresistible in his boundless love for people, Remmel was, in fact, the best friend Arkansas, duck hunting and thousands of individuals ever had. read more >