Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

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An independent panel of judges recognized these cities, large and small, for their commitment to improving the lives of their citizens and the health of their communities. Whether by employing young people, expanding recycling centers, or attracting visitors to their downtown cores, these Cities of Distinction have shown a commitment to improvement and a vision for the future.

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Little Rock's Creative Corridor Carries Through (Winner, Main Street Preservation | Over 20,000)

The city of Little Rock's Creative Corridor is revitalizing Main Street one block at a time and working to draw people to the area day and night. read more >

El Dorado's Union Square Embraced As Attraction (Winner, Main Street Preservation | Between 5,000-20,000)

City leaders implement a plan to transform the city's historic district, Union Square, into a tourism destination. The goal was to not only attract visitors, but to also improve the quality of life for the citizens of El Dorado. read more >

Downtown Stuttgart Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint (Honorable Mention, Main Street Preservation | Between 5,000-20,000)

The “Let's Paint Stuttgart” committee's goals were to revive and preserve the community one building at a time and to serve as a catalyst for economic development. read more >

Cave Springs, Illinois River Watershed Partnership Combine Efforts (Winner, Main Street Preservation | Under 5,000)

Two independent entities with differing goals found a common bond among the eddies and currents of the Illinois River. read more >

Little Rock Trains The Employees Of Tomorrow (Winner, Workforce Development | Over 20,000)

Since 1996, Little Rock's Summer Youth Employment Program has offered participants between the ages of 16 and 21 the chance to learn the value of work and careers while earning a summer wage. read more >

Siloam Springs Students Gain Career Academy (Winner, Workforce Development | Between 5,000-20,000)

When the city leaders of Siloam Springs noticed that not enough students were choosing career paths in local industry and manufacturing jobs, they came up with a way to provide education in those areas: The Career Academy of Siloam Springs (CASS). read more >

Everyone's In The Game At Jonesboro's Miracle League Park (Winner, Quality of LIfe | Over 20,000)

When Jonesboro decided to start its own Miracle League, it went all-out, taking a two-tiered approach to its Miracle League Park, opened in 2014. read more >

Fayetteville Keeps People Moving In The Outdoors (Honorable Mention, Quality of Life | Over 20,000)

The city of Fayetteville earned a 2015 Cities of Distinction Honorable Mention status in the Quality of Life category for its Active Transportation Plan (ATP) defining a healthy, walkable and bikeable community. The city is working toward an inclusive, multi-modal system that strives to create a livable transportation network of public sidewalks and shared-use, paved trails, combined with park improvement projects. read more >

Monticello Police Focus On Community Strategy (Winner, Quality of Life | Between 5,000-20,000)

Determined to head off trouble before it can start, the city of Monticello devised Community Oriented Policing Strategies for the 21st Century (COPS21), a program aimed to be one of the positive examples of police-community interaction. read more >

Greenbrier Makes A Run At Health & Fitness (Winner, Quality of Life | Under 5,000)

Recently released data from the State of Obesity ranked Arkansas as the most obese state in the country. In the city of Greenbrier, however, they are working hard not to be a part of that statistic, and their fitness efforts have earned the 2015 City of Distinction Quality of Life award for a city under 5,000. read more >

Russellville Keeps Pace With Marathon (Winner, Tourism | Over 20,000)

To keep things fresh on the city's events calendar, Russellville Advertising & Promotion Commission Director Christie Graham came up with a concept which would keep the city's residents on their toes. read more >

Siloam Springs Not Afraid To Break Waves (Winner, Tourism | Between 5,000-20,000)

Siloam Springs has long been a noted outdoor tourism destination thanks to its three parks, close to 11 miles of bicycle/pedestrian trails, unique architecture, and Sager Creek flowing through the heart of downtown. But generating perhaps the most buzz is the Siloam Springs Kayak Park. read more >

Little Rock Sees No Limitations With Statues (Honorable Mention, Tourism | Over 20,000)

Little Rock's efforts to infuse its streets with arts through the Sculpture at the River Market program have earned Little Rock recognition as a 2015 City of Distinction for Tourism Development in cities with a population greater than 20,000. read more >

Hope Rallies For Amtrak Rail Service (Honorable Mention, Tourism | Between 5,000-20,000)

The Amtrak stop in Hope earned the city an honorable mention in the Tourism Development category for cities with a population between 5,000 and 20,000 in the 2015 City of Distinction awards. read more >

Scars Healed, But Not Forgotten, At McGehee Museum (Winner, Tourism | Under 5,000)

During World War II, 110,000 Japanese Americans sent to internment camps, also called Japanese American relocation camps. In McGehee, the city's use today of two of these historic camps earned the city a win in the 2015 City of Distinction Tourism Development category for cities with fewer than 5,000 people. read more >

Greedy Goats Help Fayetteville Stay Green (Winner, Green Initiatives | Over 20,000)

The city of Fayetteville has long been a leader in the state with its innovative programs dedicated to green energy and sustainability. This year, three different initiatives led to Fayetteville winning the 2015 City of Distinction Green/Energy Conservation category for cities with populations of more than 20,000 people. read more >

Scenic Fairfield Bay Brings Recycling To Residents (Winner, Green Initiatives | Under 5,000)

Fairfield Bay's Hippe Recycle and Education Center is open six days a week and manned by resident volunteers. Since 2007, local residents have recycled 2.7 million pounds of materials despite no curbside pick-up. And in 2013, with just a little grant money and a lot of volunteer effort, the city added an educational gazebo to its recycling center. read more >

Hot Springs Citizens Connect With City Online (Winner, Technology Advancements | Over 20,000)

CivicPlus provided Hot Springs with a brand new web portal, custom site design, complete content development, onsite training and a waiver of annual fees for the first two years. And, the new website helped make Hot Springs the winner of the 2015 City of Distinction Technology Advancement award for cities over 20,000 people. read more >

New iWorQ Software For Bryant A Code Of Honor (Winner, Technology Advancements | Between 5,000-20,000)

A software addition for the city of Bryant in 2012 has transformed city departments and helped create a system many city workers and residents wouldn't like to do without. read more >

Keeping the Meter No Longer a Problem in Bono (Winner, Technology Advancements | Under 5,000)

There is a bit of irony involved in Bono's quest to provide a high-tech upgrade to its water metering system, but patience and extra effort have helped make the small city a 2015 City of Distinction winner in the Technology Achievements category. read more >