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Tom Cotton and Me (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

by Gwen Moritz 10/20/2014 12:00 am

If you care about these things, you know that last week I interrupted Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., during his so-called “debate” against three opponents in the race for U.S. Senate in order to ask him to actually address my question.

No on Issue No. 3 (Editorial)

by Arkansas Business Editors 9/22/2014 12:00 am

We’d like to support the amendment to the Arkansas Constitution mandating ethics reforms; we really would. In 2012, this publication editorialized in favor of a proposed initiated act seeking to reform campaign financing and limit lobbyists’ influence on Arkansas legislators. We’d back a similar proposal again. But ballot Issue No. 3 isn’t just about ethics reforms.

The Debate Over 'Partisan Polling' (Robert Coon On Politics)

by Robert Coon 8/20/2014 3:51 pm

As the number of polls being released continues to rise, so have the number of critics crying foul over the assumed biases of so-called “partisan polling." Can partisan polls be trusted, or are they just tools used to push an agenda?

Susan Inman Announces Bid for Arkansas Secretary of State

by Associated Press 5/9/2013 1:47 pm

Susan Inman on Thursday said she's running for the party's nomination to challenge Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin. Martin was elected in 2010 and has said he's running for a second term.