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Latest Real Estate Deals Total $1.7M

by Arkansas Business Staff 5/29/2018 9:20 am

Recent real estate transactions include convenience store, land and office building/garage sales.

Trend of Extreme Savings Catching FIRE

by Kyle Massey 5/28/2018 12:00 am

FIRE devotees employ tactics like tracking every penny, questioning every purchase, and finding cheaper options like biking instead of owning a car or buying consignment clothes.

1 Million Meals Campaign Launches to Feed Hungry Arkansans

by Little Rock Soirée Staff 4/10/2018 9:32 am

The annual initiative from Arvest is back to serve the community in the fight against hunger.

Arvest, Bear State Transaction Progresses

by Arkansas Business Staff 4/9/2018 12:00 am

The biggest bank buy to date for Fayetteville’s Arvest Bank is headed for completion around April 20 at last report. But some loose ends are still in play.

Arvest, Bear State Get Approval for $391M Deal

by Lance Turner 4/3/2018 9:50 am

Arvest Bank of Fayetteville is closer to completing its $391 million all-cash acquisition of Bear State Bank of Little Rock, the two companies announced Monday.

Report: NWA Sees Historically Low Vacancy Rate

by Sarah Campbell-Miller 3/27/2018 10:03 am

The overall vacancy rate for commercial real estate remains at a historic low in northwest Arkansas, according to Arvest Bank's Skyline Report for the second half of 2017.

Peoples Bank Forecloses on Fayetteville Developer

by Arkansas Business Staff 3/19/2018 12:00 am

Peoples Bank of Westville, Oklahoma, has filed a foreclosure suit against Fayetteville developer William Lazenby.

Washington County Banks Host Big Rise in Deposits

by George Waldon 3/12/2018 12:00 am

During the past 10 years, banks have come and gone in the Washington County market, but the headcount of lenders and tally of branches has grown.

Arvest Bank Names New Board Member

by Arkansas Business Staff 2/28/2018 1:09 pm

Arvest Bank says Cathy Tuggle has joined its central Arkansas board of directors.

Report: Lot Supply Shrinking in Northwest Arkansas

by Arkansas Business Staff 2/27/2018 11:27 am

In northwest Arkansas, the supply of available lots for residential construction is shrinking, and housing affordability could be a challenge soon, according to Arvest Bank's Skyline Report.

Bear State Reports 4Q, Full-Year Earnings Ahead of Arvest Deal

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/18/2018 10:59 am

Bear State Financial Inc. of Little Rock reports fourth-quarter earnings of $3.7 million or 10 cents per diluted share, down from $4.8 million or 13 cents per diluted in the same quarter last year.

End of Bank of the Ozarks Mortgages May Not Signal Trend

by Gwen Moritz 1/15/2018 12:00 am

Eagle Bank & Trust is ramping up its mortgage lending division while Bank of the Ozarks is shutting its down. What’s going on with home loans?

Citizens Bank Advances Two to Head Batesville Call Center (Movers & Shakers)

by Arkansas Business Staff 12/11/2017 12:00 am

Bryan Wagner has been promoted to agri banking relationship manager by Regions Bank in Jonesboro. Brock Fletcher has been hired as a commercial banking relationship manager.

Cash Offers & Rival Bids: Inside Bear State Bank’s $391M Sale

by Mark Friedman 11/6/2017 12:00 am

Randy Dennis, the president of DD&F Consulting, thought Arvest Bank of Fayetteville and Bear State Bank of Little Rock would be a good fit.

Holiday Island Holdings Inc. Continues Quest for Assets

by George Waldon 10/30/2017 12:00 am

Holiday Island Holdings Inc., the state’s least-known public company, is on the hunt for assets. Revenue would be nice too.

Bear State Financial 3Q Earnings Up 8 Percent

by Lance Turner 10/19/2017 11:40 am

Bear State Financial Inc. of Little Rock, which is selling Bear State Bank to Arvest Bank of Fayetteville, reports third-quarter earnings of $5.1 million, up 8 percent from the same quarter last year.

Springdale Contractor Faces Foreclosure

by Arkansas Business Staff 10/16/2017 12:00 am

Arvest Bank of Rogers is seeking more than $1.3 million in a foreclosure suit filed against Springdale contractor James Randall Ball in Washington County Circuit Court.

In-State Bank Deposits Grow by 5.6 Percent, Beating National Rate

by Gwen Moritz 10/3/2017 11:20 am

Arkansas bank deposits grew by 5.6 percent in the year that ended June 30, beating the national growth rate of 4.6 percent.

For Arvest, Bear State The Biggest Buy Ever

by George Waldon 9/11/2017 12:00 am

The proposed $391 million cash purchase of Little Rock’s Bear State Financial Inc. represents a historic acquisition for Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

Report: Home Supply Shrinking in Northwest Arkansas

by Sarah Campbell-Miller 8/29/2017 10:03 am

In northwest Arkansas, the supply of homes for sale is shrinking and the number of homes sold was flat, according to Arvest Bank's Skyline Report.