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Minimum Wage Proposals Spark Disagreement

by Mark Friedman 3/10/2014 12:00 am

Whether raising the minimum wage — a burning issue in the tourism and hospitality industries — will actually help all the people it's aimed at is a question of deep disagreement, even among experts. There does appear to be, however, consensus on the minimum conditions necessary to have a sustainable economy.

Karen Harbert to Speak on Energy at Little Rock Luncheon

by Lee Hogan 2/19/2014 09:59 am

Karen Harbert, the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber Institute for 21st Century Energy, is scheduled to speak at a downtown Little Rock luncheon Feb. 25.

From the State Chamber of Commerce President Randy Zook

by Randy Zook 7/23/2012 12:00 am

The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas strives to promote a pro-business, free-enterprise agenda and prevent anti-business legislation, regulations and rules. Now more than ever, business matters to our nation's future. In the global economy, our competitive capacity must be all it can possibly be – and the State Chamber/AIA works every day to make that happen.

From the Leadership Arkansas Program Coordinator Susie Marks

by Susie Marks 7/25/2011 12:00 am

Five years into its inception, Leadership Arkansas has inspired, educated and engaged more than 300 citizens to leverage the unique opportunities, and to understand the specific issues facing our great state. Through a unique nine-month education experience, Leadership Arkansas class members interact with top state officials, corporate and community leaders, educators and others who receive, deliver or make decisions and policy that affect services across our state.

From the State Chamber of Commerce President Randy Zook

by Randy Zook 7/25/2011 12:00 am

Leadership Arkansas's curriculum is a rich blend of experiences that acquaint the participant with both statewide and regional challenges that need to be addressed in your local community, Arkansas and the nation.