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Bobby Bones, Johnny Mathis Announce Shows at Robinson Center

by Jess Ardrey 5/21/2018 9:05 am

The radio host's comedy tour and the music icon are both making stops in Little Rock this September.

Bobby Bones Enshrined in National Radio Hall of Fame

by Kyle Massey 11/6/2017 12:00 am

Bobby Bones doesn’t sound like a classic broadcaster. He lacks a deep voice, he talks too fast, and he’s no shock as a jock. But he’s an easy guy to talk to, and he thinks that’s one reason millions of fans listen.

CBS Profiles Bobby Bones, the Country DJ Who's Taking Bob Robbins' Place on KSSN

by Lance Turner 12/17/2013 11:14 am

"CBS This Morning" profiles Bobby Bones, the Arkansas native whose syndicated country radio morning show is taking over Bob Robbins' old slot on KSSN-FM, 96.5.