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Speaking Out: National Media Split On How Likely Is It Bobby Petrino Coaches Again

by 8/10/2012 8:00 am

Bobby Petrino clearly wants to get back into coaching. He didn't discuss a return to the field in great detail during his first-sit down interview since his April 10 firing, but his comments left the impression that is what the interview was primarily about for him. Below we round up regional and national media reaction to the interview. What did writers outside the state think of his performance and, perhaps more importantly to Petrino, is he hireable?

Speaking Out: A Roundup Of Early Reaction To Arkansas State Hiring Auburn's Gus Malzahn

by Chris Bahn 12/14/2011 8:10 am

Gus Malzahn to Arkansas State is happening. Malzahn, the Auburn offensive coordinator, will be named the Red Wolves head coach at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. A press conference is set for the ASU Convocation Center. Before the official announcement, the move already has garnered regional and national media reaction. Below we offer a Speaking Out roundup of reaction to Malzahn’s move:

Razorbacks To The SEC Championship Game Could Still Happen If ...

by Chris Bahn 11/7/2011 12:15 pm

Arkansas still has a shot at making the SEC Championship game. Win out and the Razorbacks, ranked behind No. 1 LSU and No. 5 Alabama, could make the league title game since that would create a three-way tie for the SEC West with Arkansas, LSU and Alabama all tied at 11-1 overall and 7-1 in the SEC. That would trigger an eight-part tiebreaker ...

What They're Saying: Reaction to Bobby Petrino's New Deal With Arkansas

by 12/15/2010 1:03 pm

Bobby Petrino took a beating nationally when he chose to take over at Arkansas three years ago. His departure from the Atlanta Falcons conjured up all sorts of columns and commentary, little of it flattering. Few expected the Razorbacks-Petrino marriage to last long. What’s the reaction now that Petrino appears to be committed to Fayetteville for at least seven more seasons?