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Policy Prescriptions: Clinton and Trump on Education

by Associated Press 10/31/2016 7:00 am

A quality education for all students, especially young children, is something Hillary Clinton has been talking about for decades. It's mostly new territory for Donald Trump, who more recently has been touting his education ideas beyond his oft-repeated criticism of Common Core.

Timeline, Process to Review Arkansas Education Standards Set

by Associated Press 9/8/2015 11:25 am

The Arkansas Department of Education has set a goal to complete a review of the state's math and English language arts standards by this summer.

Initial Common Core Goals Unfulfilled as Results Trickle In

by Associated Press 8/31/2015 7:04 am

Results for some of the states that participated in Common Core-aligned testing for the first time this spring are out, with overall scores higher than expected. But they are still below what many parents may be accustomed to seeing.

Asa Hutchinson: Look at Revising, Renaming Common Core

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 8/13/2015 6:57 am

The Arkansas Board of Education should look at renaming Common Core as it reviews the education standards that have been criticized by some conservatives, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Wednesday.

A Common Core Rebrand (Editorial)

by Arkansas Business Editors 8/3/2015 12:00 am

The Common Core standards last week survived a review by a council assembled by Gov. Asa Hutchinson. We think the standards survived. Well, actually, it was a little hard to tell.

Panel Buys Governor Time on Common Core Debate (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 8/2/2015 1:08 pm

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he wanted his Common Core task force to come up with an "Arkansas solution" as it waded into the debate over standards that have come under fire from many conservatives. Instead of solving a problem, the panel just bought him more time.

Task Force: Continue With Common Core But Review, Replace Where Needed

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 7/30/2015 10:21 am

A task force is recommending Arkansas continue using Common Core as the state reviews the controversial education standards and looks at changing and replacing them where needed.

Tim Griffin: Changes Needed to Common Core Standards

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 7/28/2015 3:22 pm

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin says he thinks Arkansas should keep some elements of Common Core but make changes where necessary and rename the controversial education standards to more closely reflect the state's needs.

Arkansas Education Board Approves Switch to ACT Test

by Associated Press 7/9/2015 1:42 pm

The Arkansas Board of Education on Thursday agreed to the governor's choice for a new standardized test to replace one linked to the controversial Common Core standards, less than a month after rejecting the same switch.

Hutchinson Open to Bidding for New Education Test Provider

by Associated Press 6/23/2015 4:58 pm

Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he's open to Arkansas considering multiple proposals from standardized testing companies.

Asa Hutchinson Tells Education Department to Drop PARCC

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 6/23/2015 6:57 am

Gov. Asa Hutchinson tells education officials to drop Arkansas' involvement in a standardized test linked to the controversial Common Core standards.

Arkansas to Pull Out of PARCC, Use ACT for Standard Tests

by Allen Reed, The Associated Press 6/8/2015 2:11 pm

Arkansas will change its provider of standardized tests, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Monday, the first shake up from an ongoing review of whether to retain Common Core education standards.

Opt-Out Movement Accelerates Amid Common Core Testing

by Associated Press 4/20/2015 7:04 am

Thousands of students are opting out of new standardized tests aligned to the Common Core standards, defying the latest attempt by states to improve academic performance.

Arkansas Effort to End Common Core-linked Test Fails

by Associated Press 3/18/2015 2:00 pm

A Senate panel has voted to prevent the state from renewing its contract with a Common Core-linked test for more than a year after a proposal to scrap the assessment entirely failed.

Task Force Becomes Default Option for Session (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 3/16/2015 7:04 am

Arkansas needs a task force to study the state's obsession with task forces. That may be the only one that hasn't been created yet during the 2015 legislative session.

Arkansas House Votes to Stop Giving Common Core-Linked Test

by Associated Press 3/6/2015 1:38 pm

The Arkansas House has voted to prohibit the state from administering a test linked to the Common Core education standards.

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin to Lead Common Core Task Force

by Associated Press 2/11/2015 11:16 am

Gov. Asa Hutchinson says Arkansas Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin will lead a task force that will study the state's Common Core education standards. Hutchinson said Wednesday that he will name all 16 members of the panel, selecting them from among educators, parents, business leaders and students.

Jeb Bush Campaigns for Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 9/30/2014 3:06 pm

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is praising fellow Republican Asa Hutchinson's proposal to expand computer science classes in Arkansas schools as the potential 2016 White House hopeful campaigned for Hutchinson's gubernatorial bid.

Teacher Pay, Insurance Key Issues for Gubernatorial Candidates at Forum

by Kelly P. Kissel, The Associated Press 9/24/2014 8:43 am

Arkansas' leading candidates for governor said Tuesday that high standards are necessary in the state's education system, whether they're known as Common Core or as something else.

Mike Huckabee: 'Stop the Fight' Over Common Core

by Associated Press 8/22/2014 12:24 pm

Conservatives should "stop the fight" over Common Core and instead consider the benefits that the academic standards offer students in struggling schools, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Friday. The position puts him at odds with a significant bloc of Republicans.