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Little Rock Crowd Amuses Comedian Dave Chappelle With A Mid-Set 'Hog Call'

by Chris Bahn 6/14/2012 11:38 am

Interrupting comedian Dave Chappelle during recent stand-up shows has not gone well for audiences. Knowing that, it’s hard to understand why anybody would think interrupting Wednesday’s set at Robinson Center Music Hall with a Hog Call was a good idea. Hearing the trademark cheer of Razorback fans mid-set didn’t upset Chappelle, however.

Tickets On Sale For Comedian Dave Chappelle June 13 at Robinson Center Music Hall

by Karen Martin 6/6/2012 1:03 pm

Comedian Dave Chappelle will share his unique brand of humor at 7 p.m. Wednesday (June 13) at Robinson Center Music Hall, Markham and Broadway, Little Rock. Tickets are $64.

Bahn: Razorbacks' Petrino Knows How To Pace An Offense (And How To Get A Laugh)

by Chris Bahn 9/16/2011 2:00 pm

Teams don't show all they've got in tune-up games. Most folks who pay attention to college football would agree that’s the case. Doesn’t mean Coach Bobby Petrino wants to talk about it. In fact, Petrino did his best to shoot that idea down — with humor! — Thursday when a local TV personality asked about further opening up the playbook in the coming weeks.