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Co-conspirator in Joyce Judy Investment Scam Pleads Guilty to Felony

by Arkansas Business Staff 11/23/2015 12:00 am

Three of the four central characters in the international investment scam that sent Joyce Judy, former president of a Little Rock credit union, to federal prison are now convicted felons.

British Broker Tied to Joyce Judy Case Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

by Arkansas Business Staff 3/2/2015 12:00 am

Emlyn Mousley pleaded guilty to wire fraud last week in federal court in South Carolina. In exchange for pleading guilty to one of the three charges included in a grand jury indictment back in November 2013, Mousley was sentenced to three years of probation. And he was allowed to return to London.

How A Trans-Atlantic Investment Scam Ensnared Credit Union President Joyce Judy

by Gwen Moritz 1/26/2015 12:00 am

The following story of how the president of a small credit union in Little Rock was ensnared in an international investment scam was pieced together from depositions and exhibits filed in the North Carolina civil case and from official documents filed in the criminal cases.

Joyce Judy's 'Series of Bad Decisions' Comes to End in North Carolina

by Arkansas Business Staff 1/12/2015 12:00 am

One of the saddest cases of white-collar crime in Whispers’ long memory has come to an unsatisfying conclusion.

FBI Wire Snares Scammer Who Took Money Wired from Joyce Judy

by Arkansas Business Staff 11/18/2013 12:00 am

The British man to whom was allegedly wired former Arkansas Employees Federal Credit Union president Joyce Judy’s $1 million has been indicted in South Carolina. And, in a delicious irony, Emlyn Mousley was arrested because he fell for an FBI sting.