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Report: Some See Economic Improvement in Arkansas in 2014; Most Expect No Change

by Lee Hogan 3/14/2014 11:00 am

According to an economic condition report from the Federal Reserve, most economists surveyed expect conditions in Arkansas to remain the same in 2014, while a "sizable minority" expect to see some improvement from 2013.

Federal Reserve Beige Book Survey Says Winter Storms Holding Back Economy

by Associated Press 3/5/2014 4:27 pm

A Federal Reserve survey shows severe weather held back economic growth in much of the nation from January through early February. Even so, conditions strengthened in most U.S. regions, thanks to slight gains in areas such as employment and commercial real estate.

Beige Book: US Economic Growth Healthy Over Holidays

by Associated Press 1/15/2014 2:24 pm

A Federal Reserve survey shows economic growth remained healthy in most U.S. regions in late November and December, helped by gains in consumer spending and factory output.

Fed to Reduce Bond Purchases by $10B in January

by Associated Press 12/18/2013 12:58 pm

The Federal Reserve says it will reduce its $85 billion a month in bond purchases by $10 billion starting in January, citing a stronger U.S. job market. And it says it will take further steps to reduce the pace of the purchases next year if that improvement continues.

Amid Economic Improvement, Investors Await Wednesday's Fed Decision on Stimulus

by Associated Press 12/18/2013 8:23 am

Investors are waiting to see whether one of Ben Bernanke's final acts as chairman of the Federal Reserve will be to announce a pullback in the Fed's bond purchases. The purchases have been intended to keep long-term loan rates low to spur economic growth.

Stocks, Scotch, Bitcoins and Bubbles: Is Fed Policy Causing Prices to Soar?

by Associated Press 12/16/2013 11:22 am

The Federal Reserve's super-low interest-rate policies have inflated a slew of dangerous asset bubbles. Or so critics say.

Fed's Eighth District, Including Arkansas, Shows Moderate Expansion

by Lance Turner 12/4/2013 2:47 pm

Economic activity in the Federal Reserve's Eighth District, which includes Arkansas, "expanded at a moderate pace" since October with "positive" activity in manufacturing, retail and auto sales.

Fed Beige Book: Growth Slows in Places on Shutdown Worries

by Associated Press 10/16/2013 3:04 pm

The Federal Reserve said economic growth slowed in a few key regions of the United States from September through early October, as businesses grew worried about a budget impasse that led to a partial government shutdown.

Federal Reserve Delays Bond Tapering, Wants to See More Data

by Associated Press 9/18/2013 7:27 am

The Federal Reserve has decided against reducing its stimulus for the U.S. economy, saying it will maintain the pace of its bond purchases because it thinks the economy still needs the support.

Fed's Beige Book Survey Finds US Economy Growing Moderately

by Associated Press 9/4/2013 3:10 pm

Economic growth held steady across the United States from July through late August, as Americans bought more cars and homes and auto factories added workers.

Federal Reserve Downgrades US Economic Growth to Modest

by Associated Press 7/31/2013 1:06 pm

The Federal Reserve says the U.S. economy is growing modestly, a downgrade from its June assessment. The Fed expects growth will pick up in the second half of the year.

Beige Book: Growth Improves Moderately Throughout US

by Associated Press 7/17/2013 1:43 pm

The U.S. economy grew throughout the country from late May through early July, bolstered by the housing recovery, consumers and more factory output.

US Factory Output Rose 0.1 Percent in May

by Associated Press 6/14/2013 8:53 am

U.S. factories barely increased their output in May after two months of declines, a sign that manufacturing is providing little support for the economy.

Ben Bernanke: Federal Expands Oversight to Avoid Another Crisis

by Associated Press 5/10/2013 9:55 am

The Federal Reserve has broadened its oversight beyond banks and now monitors a wide-range of financial institutions that could hasten another financial crisis.

Banks Ask Fed to Watch Wal-Mart's Financial Services More Closely

by Lance Turner 5/8/2013 8:33 am

Bloomberg reports that bankers have asked the Federal Reserve to increase its oversight of financial services offered by the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of Bentonville.

Fed: Tax Increases, Spending Cuts Have Hurt Economy

by Associated Press 5/1/2013 2:59 pm

The Federal Reserve stood by its aggressive efforts to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment. And it indicated that tax increases and spending cuts are slowing the economy.

Fed's Beige Book Shows U.S. Economy Growing Throughout Country

by Associated Press 3/6/2013 4:33 pm

Strong auto sales, better hiring and a continued housing recovery helped the U.S. economy grow in January and February throughout the country.

Arkansas Economy Should Enjoy 'Steady Growth,' Kathy Deck Tells Forecast Luncheon

by Chris Bahn 2/8/2013 4:07 pm

Arkansas will enjoy steady economic growth in 2013, but is not likely to hit pre-recession levels, economists say.

Beige Book: US Economy Picked Up At End of Year

by Associated Press 1/17/2013 7:39 am

Holiday shopping, strong auto sales and a recovering housing market helped boost the U.S. economy from the middle of November through early January, according to a Federal Reserve survey released Wednesday.

Fed to Spend $45B to Sustain Bond Purchases

by Associated Press 12/12/2012 11:49 am

The Federal Reserve will spend $45 billion a month to sustain an aggressive drive to keep long-term interest rates low. And it set a goal of keeping a key short-term rate near zero until unemployment drops below 6.5 percent.