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Denny Altes Appointed to Serve as State's Drug Director

by Associated Press 5/14/2015 6:58 am

A former legislator who represented west Arkansas in both the state House and Senate has been appointed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson as the state's drug director.

Locking Down Prescription Drug Abuse by Tweens/Teens

by Scott Pace 4/15/2014 12:00 am

By the time our kids reach their senior year of high school, one in five of them will have abused prescription medications; and over 40 percent of those will have obtained the medications from their family medicine cabinet, not from a drug dealer, not from a friend—from Mom and Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, or some other family member.

Arkansas Works to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

by Chuck Bartels, The Associated Press 7/22/2013 7:15 am

Arkansas Drug Director Fran Flener said that the state's prescription drug take-back program has removed more than 32 tons of medicines from homes, taking those drugs out of circulation.