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Welcome to Metro Little Rock: 15 Great Neighborhoods & Cities You'll Love

by Metro Little Rock Guide Staff 10/6/2017 12:18 am

While Little Rock is the region’s anchor and the largest in population, it’s one of nine different cities in the metro that offers its residents affordable housing, excellent career opportunities, quality health care and education, convenience, beauty and more.

Welcome to Metro Little Rock: Hillcrest

by Metro Little Rock Staff 9/28/2017 12:15 am

Hipper and more laid-back than its cousin to the north, Hillcrest is full of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes and cottages. Home prices are lower than in The Heights, and there are more rental options as well. The neighborhood tends to draw artistic types and young professionals.

Little Rock's Bustling Markham Street Connects Hillcrest & Midtown

by Greater Little Rock Guest Guide Staff 4/19/2017 12:07 am

More laid-back than its cousin to the north, the Hillcrest Historic District is located west of downtown along Markham Street and the south leg of Kavanaugh Boulevard. Here you’ll find beautiful neighborhoods as well as a wide variety of boutiques and shops.

Here's Who Will Be at Etsy Fest 2017

by Jess Ardrey 3/13/2017 10:02 pm

It's time to get your arts and crafts on, y'all.

A Century of Growth: The History of Little Rock's Heights and Hillcrest Neighborhoods

by Todd Traub 2/28/2017 12:00 am

Geographically, the Heights and Hillcrest neighborhoods have always been in the same place, but from the sticks to the suburbs to the heart of the city, the area has made quite a journey the past 110 years or so.

Fitness in The Heights and Hillcrest

by ABPG Staff 8/3/2016 1:00 pm

Check out this list of diet and fitness studios in the Heights and Hillcrest where you'll find group classes, personal training and more.

Where Team Soirée Goes To Find the Best Brunch in The Heights & Hillcrest

by Little Rock Soirée Staff 6/23/2016 8:35 am

Brunch — it’s our favorite meal of the week. Check out our staff recommendations from Soirée and a few of our sister publications.

5 Little Rock Retail Hubs & Shopping Centers You Have to Check Out

by Greater LIttle Rock Guest Guide Staff 4/25/2016 12:27 am

Wherever in Little Rock you're at, you're bound to find some place to shop. Here are five destinations you need to discover.

New Boutique to Open in Hillcrest

by Little Rock Soirée Staff 11/18/2015 6:14 am

To celebrate its grand opening, Southern Sway Boutique is throwing a party and you will want to be there.

Damgoode Pies in Hillcrest Undergoes Renovation

by Sandra McGrew 5/19/2015 9:31 am

Mourn not, fellow pie lovers. The pizza shop's temporary closing will result in more beer come July. Read on.

Indie Arts and Music Festival Hits Hillcrest This Weekend

by Jess Ardrey 4/20/2015 9:45 am

Known to locals as the Etsy Fest, this day full of shopping, food trucks, live music and more always helps to kick off the season.

Mylo Coffee Co. Expanding to Downtown

by Jess Ardrey 1/16/2015 8:15 am

You read that right. The Hillcrest sensation is bringing the love to the heart of the metro. Plus, they've got some surprises in the works. Read on.

Thai Food Truck kBird to Open Brick-and-Mortar Spot in Hillcrest

by Jess Ardrey 10/8/2014 9:00 am

It warms our bellies to hear about another beloved food truck opening up a stationary shop. Find out more about the latest announcement.

Weekend To-Do List: 18 Events to Check Out

by Lee Hogan 10/3/2014 11:30 am

Needless to say, there is a ton of great stuff to do this weekend! If only we could beam from place to place, we could enjoy everything. See what made our lineup!

Weekend To-Do List: 6 Events To Check Out

by Lee Hogan 9/4/2014 8:30 am

Rejoice! The weekend is almost upon us. Here's a roundup of what's happening in the metro. Enjoy!

Back to School

by Sarah Sweatt Orsborn 9/1/2014 12:00 am

One reason we chose our Hillcrest home was proximity to the Pulaski Heights school playground. Our new home had a postage-stamp sized backyard, but we had visions of our then 1-year-old twins eventually being able to walk over and play, perhaps even wander through the school gardens. Still, while we intentionally chose a house near a school, I didn’t realize how living so close to a school would influence the rhythm of our days.

PHOTOS: Kemuri Opens in Hillcrest

by Steve Shuler 8/21/2014 8:42 am

Today, Hillcrest welcomes the third restaurant in less than four years to occupy the space at the Ice House Center on Kavanaugh Blvd. Contributing writer Steve Shuler gets a first look and taste of the new restaurant.

HarvestFest 2014 in Hillcrest Announced for October 4

by Jess Ardrey 8/15/2014 8:00 am

Autumn in Little Rock really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Kemuri to Open in Hillcrest Next Week

by Lee Hogan 8/11/2014 8:30 am

The newest sushi spot in town is opening Aug. 21. Kemuri, the latest and greatest from Jerry Barakat, will offer seafood, sushi and smoked meats. The restaurant will be located at 2601 Kavanaugh Blvd.

Weekend To-Do List: 9 Events to Check Out

by Lee Hogan 8/7/2014 8:30 am

From art galleries to shopping deals and concerts, there's plenty going on this weekend in the metro. Check out the events you should keep an eye out for.