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Voter ID Fight Testing Court as Much as New Law (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 5/6/2018 2:09 pm

The Arkansas Supreme Court's decision to allow the state to enforce its voter ID law in this month's primary while justices consider whether the measure is unconstitutional sets up a test over Republican lawmakers' efforts to reinstate a law struck down four years ago. More importantly, it will show how much the state's highest court has changed since 2014.

Lawsuit Filed Over Arkansas' Revamped Voter ID Law

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 2/7/2018 10:18 am

A lawsuit challenging Arkansas' new voter ID law has been filed, arguing the requirement causes the same problems as a nearly identical law that was struck down four years ago.

State Deploys Chatbots Across Government Website

by Kyle Massey 8/15/2017 1:57 pm

The Arkansas state government's efforts to serve internet users moved forward this month with the launch of a beta version of the official state website, beta.arkansas.gov, which will feature chatbot technology.

Inman Says She'll Run Again for Arkansas Secretary of State

by Associated Press 8/2/2017 7:04 am

Susan Inman is again seeking the Democratic nomination for Arkansas secretary of state, currently held by Republican Mark Martin.

Arkansas to Release Some Information to Voting Commission

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 7/5/2017 10:52 am

Arkansas officials say they'll partly comply with a request for information from President Donald Trump's voting commission, but won't release details such as voters' Social Security or driver's license numbers.

Arkansas Panel OKs Raises for Officials, Exempts Griffin

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 6/27/2017 11:27 am

An Arkansas panel has approved a 2 percent pay raise for all of the state's top elected officials except the lieutenant governor, who has said he didn't want the bump in salary.

Civility Follows Arkansas' Electoral Vote, a Sign of Future?

by Kelly P. Kissel, The Associated Press 12/26/2016 7:26 am

It was touch-and-go for a minute or two, but as Arkansas' old Supreme Court chamber cleared following a meeting of the state's Electoral College, there were surer signs that a divided nation can coexist in a Donald Trump presidency.

Ten Commandments Puts Focus on Monument Process (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 9/19/2016 7:05 am

The fight over proposals to honor the Ten Commandments and Satan near Arkansas' Capitol is putting the focus on a monument-approval process that has drawn little attention or controversy in recent years.

Mark Martin: Arkansas Panel Can't Reject Ten Commandments Display

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 9/13/2016 4:15 pm

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin said Tuesday a state panel doesn't have the authority to reject placing a Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol, while three other proposed displays would still need legislative approval.

Measure Allowing Casinos in 3 Arkansas Counties Makes Ballot

by Associated Press 9/1/2016 10:17 am

Arkansas election officials have approved for the ballot a measure that would legalize casinos in three border counties.

More Time Given for Medical Marijuana Petitions

by Associated Press 7/28/2016 5:00 pm

A campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas has been given 30 more days to circulate petitions after falling short of the signatures needed to get its proposal on the November ballot.

Arkansas Casino Campaign Wins More Time to Gather Signatures

by Associated Press 7/27/2016 3:37 pm

Supporters of a plan to legalize casinos in three Arkansas counties have won additional time to gather signatures to put the proposal on the November ballot.

Presidential Hopefuls Set Sights on Arkansas' Delegates

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 2/25/2016 6:41 am

The road to the White House this year runs through Arkansas, with four presidential hopefuls booking flight plans through the state as its primary approaches. State election officials are touting the visits as a sign lawmakers made the right choice in moving up the state's primary to March.

Group Proposes Satanic Statue at Arkansas Capitol

by Associated Press 9/8/2015 1:43 pm

A group is asking Arkansas officials to allow a Satanic statue to be constructed outside the state Capitol, where a new law allows a monument to the Ten Commandments.

Arkansas Scales Back Voting Machine Plan to 4 Counties

by Associated Press 6/18/2015 7:03 am

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin is scaling back plans to replace the state's voting machines for next year's primary and says the new equipment will instead be deployed in just four counties.

Matt Campbell of the Blue Hog Report Keeps on Digging

by Jan Cottingham 6/8/2015 12:00 am

Matt Campbell, viewing Arkansas politics with the eyes of a liberal outsider trained in the law, has brought down three major public officials in the last two years because, he says, he doesn’t like bullies and he thinks people should play by the rules.

Chief Justice Inaugurates 6 Arkansas Constitutional Officers

by Associated Press 1/13/2015 11:07 am

In ceremonies in the Arkansas House chamber Tuesday morning, a clerk read last November's election results before Arkansas' Chief Justice Jim Hannah swore in Lieutenant governor Tim Griffin and four others. Justice Jo Hart swore in Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

Nascar's Mark Martin Named Grand Marshal of World's Shortest St. Patrick's Parade

by Lee Hogan 11/19/2014 1:01 pm

Batesville native and Nascar legend Mark Martin will lead the World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17 in Hot Springs as the celebrity grand marshal.

Leslie Rutledge Registers to Vote

by Associated Press 10/3/2014 9:00 pm

Republican Arkansas attorney general candidate Leslie Rutledge on Friday filed "under protest" her voter registration application with the Arkansas secretary of state's office after her name was removed from voter rolls earlier this week.

Groups Argue Over Alcohol Measure on Arkansas Ballot

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 9/26/2014 9:43 am

Opponents of a proposal to expand alcohol sales to all Arkansas counties argued Thursday it would lead to liquor stores opening near churches and schools, an accusation the group behind the measure denied as the two sides filed briefs before the state's highest court.