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Ben Noble Gets 2nd Helping As a Rice Ambassador

by Kyle Massey 8/28/2017 12:00 am

It’s no wonder Ben Noble jumped at a chance to work for Riceland Foods. Rice and land have shaped his life since infancy.

Tennille, DeCample and Noble Form Aarch Communications

by Lance Turner 1/6/2016 8:05 am

A former executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission joined Aarch Communications of Little Rock, a new partnership offering strategic communications services.

Little Rock Film Festival Ends After 9 Years

by Alexis Crowe 9/30/2015 11:07 am

After nine years, the Little Rock Film Festival has come to an end due to lack of funding, resources and time.

Film Festivals Highlight Arkansas Culture, Put Cities in Display

by Alexis Crowe 6/3/2015 8:33 am

In the last decade, the film industry has garnered increasing interest in Arkansas, as evidenced by the number of film festivals taking place across the state.

Q&A with Little Rock Film Festival's New Communications Director

by Sandra McGrew 5/12/2015 8:04 am

Roll it! The Little Rock Film Festival (LRFF) officially kicked off its ninth year this week. Showcasing films from all over the world right here in Little Rock, we caught up with the film festival's communications director, Matt DeCample, to talk about what we can expect and why this continues to be a destination for filmmakers.

Former Beebe Spokesman Matt DeCample Starts Consulting Firm

by Sean Beherec 1/15/2015 2:07 pm

Matt DeCample, who served as spokesman for former Gov. Mike Beebe from 2003 until he left office on Tuesday, said Thursday that he has started his own consulting firm.

Proposed Change in State Securities Law Out of Step With Neighboring States

by George Waldon 3/10/2014 12:00 am

Arbitration clauses and courtroom avoidance are common in the securities business. That norm stands in contrast to a not-so-modest proposal by Stephens Inc. to go straight to a judge to rule on enforcement actions by the Arkansas Securities Department.

Tracking Gov. Mike Beebe's Billion-Dollar Mystery Project

by Lance Turner 1/15/2013 2:55 pm

So the hunt begins. What is the mystery project Gov. Mike Beebe hinted at in his State of the State Address today?

The Weight of the Nation Screening and Panel at Clinton Presidential Center Wednesday

by Karen Martin 4/30/2012 6:53 am

A debut screening of the new HBO series The Weight of the Nation, followed by a panel discussion on child obesity with Arkansas surgeon general Dr. Joe Thompson and others, will be held at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday (May 2) at the Great Hall of the Clinton Presidential Center, 1200 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock. Admission is free.