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Find Gluten-Free Fine Dining at These 5 Little Rock Restaurants

by Little Rock Soirée Staff 9/23/2016 8:43 am

As more of us opt for gluten-free diets for health or allergy reasons, chefs are responding with ever-more creative solutions. Soirée picks five Little Rock restaurants going above and beyond.

Oxford American to Host Inaugural Gala

by Lydia McAllister 8/25/2016 5:00 pm

Mark Oct. 14 on your calendars for a night of drinks, dancing and of course, some literature. The Oxford American is hosting the inaugural gala to support the ongoing work of the Oxford American magazine.

Matt Bell from South on Main Invited to Cook for James Beard House

by Alexis Crowe 6/17/2015 7:56 am

South on Main’s Matthew Bell and his crew have been invited to the prestigious James Beard Foundation House in New York to cook dinner in August. Now they need a little help from their friends.

South on Main's HeART of the Bar Set for Feb. 1

by Jess Ardrey 1/14/2015 8:00 am

Visit this holiday market to shop for your sweetheart and enjoy some Valentine sweets at the same time. Sounds, well, pretty sweet.

Eggshells Kitchen Co. January Cooking Classes to Include Matthew Bell, Brian Kelley and Lee Edwards

by Jess Ardrey 1/5/2015 11:23 am

Get your fill of incredible drinks, to-die-for food and knife know-how all in one month. 2015 is looking good.

Art of the Bar This Sunday at South on Main

by Jess Ardrey 12/8/2014 8:14 am

What could make us love South on Main even more? Art? Eggnog? Shopping? All of the above.

Protecting Your Child from Germs May Cause More Childhood Allergies

by Dwain Hebda 5/12/2014 12:00 am

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and according to recent statistics, childhood allergies and asthma are on the rise. One leading hypothesis that seeks to explain the growing numbers might surprise you: The “hygiene hypothesis” suggests the increase may be a byproduct of being too clean.

South on Main Restaurant to Open for Lunch Aug. 5

by Jan Cottingham 7/29/2013 5:21 pm

Matthew Bell, owner and chef of the much-anticipated South on Main, said Monday afternoon that the restaurant will open Aug. 5 with a lunch service.