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Forecasters: River's Crest Soon, Lower for Spots in 3 States

by Associated Press 1/5/2016 7:13 am

Forecasters said Monday that the Mississippi River's crest will come sooner and lower for many locations in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. If that prediction holds, it means the unusual winter flood won't rival the inundation of 2011.

River Levels Falling, But Still Flood Warnings in Arkansas

by Associated Press 1/4/2016 7:55 am

The National Weather Service says the levels of flooded rivers in Arkansas are falling, but flood warnings remain in effect until further notice on many rivers across the state.

Mississippi River Harbors To Be Dredged in 4 States

by Associated Press 3/24/2015 12:37 pm

A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official says 10 harbors on the Mississippi River in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee are scheduled for dredging this year.

Landowners Along Mississippi River Could Get Financial Help

by Kate Knable 5/3/2013 11:17 am

Owners of land along the Mississippi River in Arkansas may be eligible for financial and other assistance for participating in a federal Wetlands Reserve Program.

Shipping Bounces Back As Mississippi River Rises

by Associated Press 2/27/2013 3:38 pm

Mississippi River shippers have returned to hauling full loads after several storms and aggressive rock-clearing helped deepen the waterway, eliminating worries about barge traffic shutting down, the river's stewards and barge operators said Wednesday.

2011 Mississippi River Flood Caused $2.8B in Damages

by Associated Press 2/25/2013 3:11 pm

The Mississippi River flooding of 2011 caused $2.8 billion in damage and tested the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' system of levees, reservoirs and floodways like never before, exposing vulnerabilities that need attention, a report released Monday said.

U.S. Army Corps Kept Traffic Moving on Mississippi During Drought of 2012

by Mark Friedman 2/11/2013 12:00 am

The Midwestern drought of 2012 nearly closed barge traffic on parts of the Mississippi River.

Army Corps: Mississippi River Will Remain Open to Barges

by Associated Press 1/4/2013 2:12 pm

Efforts taken to keep a crucial stretch of the drought-starved Mississippi River open to barge traffic should be sufficient to avert a shipping shutdown that the industry fears is imminent, Army Corps of Engineers and Coast Guard officials said Friday.

Mississippi River Drops, Threatening Barge Traffic

by Lance Turner 12/27/2012 3:24 pm

The Mississippi River level is dropping again and barge industry trade groups warned Thursday that river commerce could essentially come to a halt as early as next week in an area south of St. Louis.

Recent Rains Boost Mississippi River Levels

by Associated Press 12/12/2012 7:21 am

Rain that fell over the weekend has helped Arkansas river levels and is projected to help the Mississippi River rise. The Army Corps of Engineers says the rain helped, but there are still longer term problems anticipated because of the continuing drought.

Mississippi River Dropping Slower Than Expected

by Associated Press 12/5/2012 3:51 pm

A revised Mississippi River forecast offered a bit of a reprieve for shippers Wednesday, showing the water level isn't dropping as quickly as feared. Still, at least two large barge companies already are reducing their loads over concerns about the river's depth.

Drought Threatens to Close Mississippi River to Barges

by Associated Press 11/30/2012 8:20 am

After months of drought, companies that ship grain and other goods down the Mississippi River are being haunted by a potential nightmare: If water levels fall too low, the nation's main inland waterway could become impassable to barges just as the harvest heads to market.

Corps of Engineers to Lawmakers: We Can't Reverse Decision on River Flow

by Associated Press 11/29/2012 1:04 pm

A top Army Corps of Engineers official tells federal lawmakers the agency can't legally reverse its decision to reduce the Missouri River's flow into the rain-starved Mississippi River.

Pryor, Boozman Among 15 Senators Urging Action on Mississippi Waterway

by Associated Press 11/17/2012 9:36 am

Fifteen senators from eight Mississippi River states are urging the Army Corps of Engineers to take steps to keep barges moving on the Mississippi.

Corps Plans Missouri River Reduction Despite Governor's Concerns

by Associated Press 11/13/2012 2:27 pm

The Army Corps of Engineers will proceed with plans to reduce flow from an upper Missouri River reservoir despite concerns that it will worsen low-water problems on the Mississippi River.