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BBBS Toast & Roast

by Staff 10/1/2014 12:01 am

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas hosted the 40th annual Toast & Roast to honor Nolan Richardson, former Arkansas Razorback Basketball head coach. Held at Embassy Suites, the event featured roasters Mike Anderson, Todd Day and Pat Bradley.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Toast & Roast To Honor Nolan Richardson

by Lee Hogan 8/12/2014 4:14 pm

Former Arkansas Razorback basketball coach Nolan Richardson will be the subject of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas' 40th annual Toast & Roast on Aug. 21.

Video: Here Is The Trailer for Mitch Mustain Documentary

by Lance Turner 4/17/2013 3:02 pm

The Mitch Mustain documentary is narrated by Nolan Richardson.

Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Tribute Dinner

by Staff 3/1/2013 12:00 am

John McDonnell, retired University of Arkansas track and field coach, was honored at an Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame tribute dinner held at the Clinton Presidential Center. Speakers included John Tyson of Tyson, Inc., Frank O’Mara of Allied Wireless, former UofA basketball coach Nolan Richardson and Alberto Salazar of Nike.

[VIDEO] What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Alabama 52, Arkansas 0? This.

by Chris Bahn 9/17/2012 8:53 am

Because enduring a 52-0 loss to No. 1 Alabama wasn’t painful enough. We present the latest offering from Arkansas fan LizHoney2U...

Jim Harris: Kiero Small Looms Large For Hogs As They Look For More Leaders, Playmakers

by Jim Harris 7/27/2012 2:48 pm

Kiero Small epitomizes the Bobby Petrino recruit. As a 5-foot-10 runner whose strength was blocking, he fell below the radar of the national recruiting "gurus" as Petrino and the Razorbacks signed Small out of Hartnell Community College in Valley Forge, Pa., in February 2011. But immediately, when the former Hog coach was discussing that particular recruiting class, his eyes lit up over the way Small could light people up as a blocking back and how he hit as a linebacker. Arkansas plans to get him on the field doing both, blocking as well as hitting on defense, Paul Haynes said Thursday.

Jim's Notebook: A Note on 'Notes' Richardson and His Passing

by Jim Harris 5/15/2012 2:06 pm

The chubby Nolan Richardson III, or Notes, as everyone knew him, was as quiet and reserve as his father was vociferous and intimidating. He joined the Arkansas staff about the time his brother-in-law, Lee Mayberry, joined the Razorbacks and began his assault on the Hogs' all-time assist record. He went on to land a head coaching job at Tennessee State, but everything imploded in late 2002 and he never returned to coaching. Notes died on Sunday at age 47. We remember him for his easy-going way.

Nolan Richardson III Dies at 47

by Associated Press 5/14/2012 10:53 am

Police in Tulsa say Nolan Richardson III - the son of former Arkansas and Tulsa basketball coach Nolan Richardson - has been found dead in his home.

Jim's Notebook: Clarksville's Lee, Other State Stars Take Their Shots In 'Real Deal'

by Jim Harris 5/1/2012 3:04 pm

Arkansas Razorback basketball fans should be excited about the future. Clarksville High School's Dederick Lee, a senior next season, is already committed to play for Mike Anderson's program, and the 6-foot-1 guard showed impressive shooting range and solid overall skills while we watched some of the action from last weekend's Real Deal in the Rock, staged throughout the Little Rock area. Without any statistics to cite, we'd guess that Lee hit 5 of 9 3-point attempts on Friday night in his team's easy win over a Houston 17-and-under travel squad.

Former Arkansas Razorback Pat Bradley Trades the Hardwood for 3-Woods

by Pat Bradley 4/16/2012 12:00 am

I played for the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1995-98 and made 273 of 670 3-point attempts, but these days it’s more about the par 3s than the 3-pointers.

Jim Harris: Arkansas-ASU NIT Game Still Stirs In Some Quarters

by Jim Harris 3/13/2012 3:16 pm

Memories of Arkansas' and Arkansas State's matchup in the National Invitation Tournament 25 years ago today are likely to be influenced by whichever side one happened to be supporting that night, when the Razorbacks pulled themselves back from the abyss in the last 12 minutes and defeated ASU 67-64 in overtime.

Jim Harris: Decade Later, 'Players Needed' Sign Still Hangs For Hogs

by Jim Harris 3/9/2012 9:00 am

Ten years later, Mike Anderson is in the same place he was as when he and Nolan Richardson left Fayetteville: Arkansas needs more talent to compete in the SEC. That much was obvious in the Hogs' 70-54 loss to LSU in the SEC Tournament on Thursday. To start with, the Hogs need more instinctive rebounders like LSU's Johnny O'Bryant III, who dominated as the Razorbacks stood around and watched.

Nolan Richardson Says Razorbacks' Lack of Talent Evident 'Right Off The Bat'

by Chris Bahn 3/8/2012 2:46 pm

Nolan Richardson got several good looks at the Arkansas basketball team this year. He took in multiple games at Bud Walton Arena and the national championship winning coach was in New Orleans for Thursday’s 70-54 loss to LSU. Not that Richardson needed his front row seat in the opening round of the SEC Tournament to know what ails the Razorbacks.

SEC To Recognize Former Arkansas Coach Nolan Richardson As 'Legend'

by Chris Bahn 3/7/2012 1:48 pm

Nolan Richardson has long been considered one of college basketball's best coaches after a career that included junior college national and NIT championships and a NCAA title. Now he's officially reached "legend" status in the SEC. Richardson will be recognized as one of 12 "SEC Legends" during the SEC Tournament in New Orleans this week.

Bahn: Films And Pep Rallies Are Nice, But Time For Lasting Tribute To Nolan Richardson

by Chris Bahn 2/14/2012 9:00 am

There is a next logical step in showing respect to Nolan Richardson. Former players have already begun work behind the scenes to ensure appreciation for Richardson isn’t limited to a museum, the pages of a book, the occasional pep rally celebrating the 1994 National Championship or a documentary. Arkansas needs a more permanent reminder of what he accomplished as a coach, what a great ambassador he was for the state and how hard he fought for others.

Richardson, Former Players Enjoy Red Carpet Ceremony As "40 Minutes Of Hell" Debuts

by Chris Bahn 2/11/2012 7:39 pm

Arkansas rolled out the red carpet for Nolan Richardson and former Razorbacks during Saturday’s premiere of the “40 Minutes Of Hell” documentary. Richardson and the 1994 NCAA title team were the subject of a film put together as part of ESPN’s SEC Storied series. Bud Walton Arena announcer John George introduced the team, who entered the court on the sort of red carpet you’d see at a Hollywood film debut.

AP: Razorbacks Improve To 17-0, Set School Record For Wins At Bud Walton Arena

by Kurt Voigt, The Associated Press 2/11/2012 3:26 pm

The Jekyll-and-Hyde Razorbacks continue to dominate at home. BJ Young scored 27 points Saturday as Arkansas set a record for victories at Bud Walton Arena with a 76-65 win over South Carolina.

Bahn: ESPN Film Not Without Uncomfortable Moments, But Good Portrayal Of Richardson

by Chris Bahn 2/10/2012 3:18 pm

What ESPN's "40 Minutes of Hell" documentary might lack in positive vibes from beginning to end, it makes up for in accuracy. Nolan Richardson’s entire life — from his upbringing in Jim Crow-era El Paso to his coaching stints in junior college and Tulsa to the death of his daughter and eventual success at Arkansas — was full of what narrator Charles Dutton describes as a “beautiful system of anger.”

Arkansas Expats Preview ESPN Film, Talk Nolan Richardson With Author Rus Bradburd

by Chris Bahn 2/7/2012 2:38 pm

Nolan Richardson’s tenure at Arkansas seemed to be filled with equal parts triumph and turmoil. All the fury and anger that seemed to drive his success with the Razorbacks also proved to be his undoing, making his 17 years in Fayetteville an intriguing subject for outsiders. Much of the film will be familiar to Arkansas fans who lived Richardson’s tenure here. It also feels familiar because it comes two years after Rus Bradburd’s book 40 Minutes Of Hell: The Extraordinary Life Of Nolan Richardson was released. Bradburd is very familiar with the complex life of Richardson and is among the interview subjects in the documentary. He appeared earlier this week on a 40-plus minute podcast with the Arkansas Expats.

Guest Blog: Hall of Fame Night Shines on State's Treasures

by John Hout 2/6/2012 10:55 am

I am constantly reminded that Arkansas is the Natural State. Spending time outdoors in places like Petit Jean and the Buffalo River is perfect proof that this slogan is well justified for our small state. Friday night I learned that you could be reminded of the extreme value of our resources from an indoor venue. I attended the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Banquet. It was easy to want to attend because the 1994 Razorback Basketball team was being inducted, and my wife and I attended every home game as students in Fayetteville that memorable year.