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Thanks, Trump (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

by Gwen Moritz 1/8/2018 12:00 am

Just when I was getting my mind around bigger federal income tax bills in my future, the Republicans have voted to borrow money to help me out.

AP Sources: House, Senate Leaders Reach Deal on Tax Package

by Associated Press 12/13/2017 11:26 am

House and Senate GOP leaders forged an agreement on a sweeping overhaul of the nation's tax laws, paving the way for final votes next week to slash taxes for businesses and give many Americans modest tax cuts starting next year.

Trump Lashes Out at Puerto Rico as House Weighs Aid Package

by Associated Press 10/12/2017 10:21 am

President Donald Trump lashed out at hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico on Thursday, insisting that federal help will be limited and blaming the U.S. territory for its financial struggles. The broadside came as the House headed toward passage of a $36.5 billion disaster aid package, including assistance for Puerto Rico.

Ryan Aiming for Mid- to Low-20 Percent Corporate Tax Rate

by Associated Press 9/7/2017 10:32 am

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the Republican tax plan will aim to reduce the corporate tax rate to mid- to low-20 percent — a smaller cut than what President Donald Trump wants.

Still Shocking, Always Wrong (Editorial)

by Arkansas Business Editors 6/19/2017 12:00 am

Maybe it’s a good sign that we can still be shocked by a mass shooting in America.

GOP Senator Tom Cotton Complicates Trump, Ryan Efforts on Health Care

by Erica Werner and Kevin Freking, The Associated Press 3/17/2017 7:46 am

One of the loudest critics of GOP health legislation is not a Democrat or even a conservative rebel, but a Republican loyalist and staunch defender of President Donald Trump.

Trucking and Trump: An Infrastructure Match

by Marty Cook 11/21/2016 12:00 am

The American Trucking Associations wasted little time reacting to Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election. The industry has been a proponent of improving the nation's infrastructure, which Trump said he wants to do.

Paul Ryan Campaigns for Asa Hutchinson's Gubernatorial Bid

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press 9/25/2014 8:20 am

Former Republican vice presidential nominee and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan called Asa Hutchinson someone he could team up with to fight poverty as he campaigned for the former congressman's gubernatorial bid in Arkansas on Wednesday.

The Problem With Wanting It All (Robert Coon On Politics)

by Robert Coon 4/30/2014 1:21 pm

We want it all. And for years the government has granted our wish. But with a $17.4 trillion debt and entitlement programs headed down and unsustainable path, it's time to get serious and re-examine our priorities.