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Government Responds to Settlement Opponent in Pipeline Case

by Alexis Hosticka 7/29/2015 12:58 pm

The government has responded the an Arkansas water utility's opposition to the proposed settlement of a lawsuit with Exxon Mobil over a 2013 oil spill in Mayflower.

Judge Won't Toss Suit Over Mayflower Oil Spill

by Associated Press 6/9/2014 1:25 pm

A federal judge has denied a request by ExxonMobil to throw out a joint federal and state lawsuit that seeks to penalize the company for a pipeline spill that dumped an estimated 150,000 gallons of crude oil in a central Arkansas neighborhood.

Group of Arkansas Residents Sue ExxonMobil After Mayflower Oil Spill

by Associated Press 5/30/2013 7:17 am

Dozens of residents and property owners are suing ExxonMobil Pipeline Company two months after a pipeline ruptured and spilled thousands of barrels of oil in the central Arkansas city of Mayflower.

Cause of Mayflower Exxon-Mobil Oil Spill Still a Mystery

by Luke Jones 5/27/2013 12:00 am

It’s been almost two months and Exxon-Mobil still hasn’t released a reason why a portion of its 850-mile Pegasus pipeline in March ruptured and spilled more than 200,000 gallons of crude oil into a Mayflower neighborhood and its surrounding area.