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Arkansans Plead Guilty to Internet Ponzi Scheme

by Gwen Moritz 2/5/2014 10:56 am

A Clarksville resident and her stepson made good on their agreement with federal prosecutors in North Carolina by pleading guilty Wednesday morning to their roles in an Internet Ponzi scheme.

10 Years Later, Case of M. David Howell's Ponzi Scheme Nears End

by Gwen Moritz 10/29/2012 12:00 am

There is still one more piece to be dispensed with before 59 claimants who have already divided up $2 million get their shares of the $507,000 remaining in the estate.

Too Smart to Be That Stupid (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

by Gwen Moritz 10/29/2012 12:00 am

I wonder if anyone plans to create a Ponzi, considering that the scheme is, by its very nature, destined for failure.