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Oily Deals: Pattern Emerging in Questionable Arkoma Gas Transactions

by Wythe Walker Jr. and David F. Kern 3/31/2014 12:00 am

Jerry Jones has always pleaded innocent in the controversial 1982 Arkla-Arkoma gas deal, a deal worth at least $174.8 million when the final numbers were tallied last fall. This January, a ratepayers’ class-action suit declared the deal an insider’s rip-off for Arkansas gas consumers who got stuck with an $80 million overcharge bill that went straight into Jones’ bulging bank account.

OSHM Associates Fete John Paul Hammerschmidt, Tommy Robinson

by Staff 2/1/2011 12:00 am

The OSHM Associates honored John Paul Hammerschmidt and Tommy Robinson at their annual supper, which was held in the Great Hall of the Governor's Mansion. Dillard's, Southwestern Energy, Landers Toyota and Tyson Foods were underwriters.