Health Care Heroes

Health Care Heroes


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Health Care Heroes Presented by Complete Care


Arkansas Business presents Health Care Heroes awards program to honor individuals, companies and organizations that are making a significant impact on the quality of health care in Arkansas. Their acts of heroism represent a display of dedication to excellence in the area of expertise beyond the scope of their jobs. Through their commitment to their profession and their community, they serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of health care and discover new ways to assist those in need.


Please join us to honor and celebrate the 2018 Arkansas Business Health Care Heroes! The winner of each category will be announced at the luncheon.

Health Care Heroes Luncheon

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Embassy Suites, Little Rock
Business Attire
$75 ticket | $750 table of 10 | $900 table of 12

For sponsorship or ticket information contact:

Alex Howland, Event Director at or (501) 455-9314

Congratulations to this year's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:

Dr. Kent Westbrook, UAMS

Congratulations to this year's finalists!

Administrator of the year
Clark Davis, Radiology Associates, P.A.
Greg Crain, Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock
Vince Leist, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center

Ray Montgomery, Unity Health

Health Care Professional
Cyndi Coleman-Walker, Methodist Family Health
Ray Hanley, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
Scot Davis, Arkansas Urology

Innovation Hero
Dr. Emad Aboud, CHI St. Vincent-Arkansas Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Tim Goodson, Arkansas Urology

Kyle Parker, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education

Charlotte Rankin, Mercy Northwest Arkansas

Nurse of the Year
Erin Berry, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
Tabitha Childers, CHI St. Vincent Infirmary
Rhonda Finnie , Baptist Health Neurosurgery Arkansas
Jasper Fultz, Unity Health

Physician of the Year
Dr. Scott Hogan, Methodist Family Health
Dr. John Lynch, St. Bernards Medical Center
Dr. Ron Robertson, UAMS

Women's Health & Wellness
Dawn Brown, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
Elizabeth Olyer, Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock
Mable Prunty & Dimsey Brown, St. Bernards Medical Center
Dr. Paul Wendel, UAMS

Workplace Wellness
Christine Ferguson, Arkansas Children's Hospital
Tonya Johnson, UAMS-Nutrition Services Department

Lisa Weir & Karan Summitt, St. Bernards Medical Center

Small Hospital of the Year
Arkansas Heart Hospital
CrossRidge Community Hospital
North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
White River Medical Center

Large Hospital of the Year
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock
CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs


*Seating is limited

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