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Panel Changes Arkansas Pay Raise Debate (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)
The Arkansas Capitol Building in Little Rock.

Panel Changes Arkansas Pay Raise Debate (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

A newly formed commission meeting this week to review and adjust Arkansas elected officials' salaries changes the dynamic of a long-running debate among policymakers. Arkansas' pay for governor, legislators and other elected positions pale when compared to most states, but there's little political upside to increasing those salaries.
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Outlook on Manufacturing Positive, Still Short of Pre-Recession Levels

All indications show the manufacturing sector is improving in Arkansas, but there is still a ways to go before it reaches the pre-recession levels.
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Total Assets Up to $64.9B, FDIC Report Finds

The number of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. institutions was down three to 111 in the third quarter, but total assets were up more than $1 billion to $64.9 billion, according to a forecast of banking conditions in Arkansas by the FDIC.
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Arkansas Single-Family, Multifamily Permits Down in 3Q, FDIC Report Says

Single-family home permits and multifamily permits were both down in the third quarter, according to a state profile of Arkansas released Monday by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
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Ross Cranford on the Current 'Revolutionary' Climate in Advertising & Marketing

Before leaving to create his new agency, Ross Cranford worked for 19 years at Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, starting as a junior copywriter in 1995, then writer, digital creative director, associate creative director, director of strategic planning, vice president for tourism services and member of the board of directors. read more >

Good Luck With That (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

The news that new vehicles, especially SUVs, are flying off the dealers' lots fills me with mixed emotions. If people were using the fuel savings to replace an older car with a more fuel-efficient model, it could make sense even when fuel prices inevitably rise again. read more >

Who Owns Customer Service? (Jim Karrh On Marketing)

Effective business leaders implicitly know that “the customer comes first,” so it's no surprise that one of the goals I hear most frequently from executives is for their organizations to raise the level of customer service. This is typically an element of other strategic initiatives, such as generating better customer retention, expanding the wallet share per customer or hitting a particular customer-satisfaction score. read more >

Compassionate Conservatism (Editorial)

Gov. Asa Hutchinson delivered a fine speech Thursday when he finally shared his plans for the future of Arkansas' unique — and successful — private option health insurance program. read more >

Asa Hutchinson Walks Fine Line in Medicaid Speech (Andrew DeMillo Analysis)

Calling on lawmakers to keep Arkansas' compromise Medicaid expansion alive through 2016 as he eyes a longer term health care plan, Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson is trying to take ownership of an issue where he's tried to tread carefully over the past two years. read more >

I'm Not Charlie (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Free speech in all its forms is a fundamental concept, especially for Americans whose culture has been sculpted by the First Amendment, and yet it can be very hard to grasp and even harder to live by. read more >

Keep The Quality In ‘Qualified' (Editorial)

State Treasurer Dennis Milligan's decision to reduce the educational requirements for top officials in his office is disappointing. read more >

Pulaski County Ranked High on U.S. List of Average Net Capital Gains

This map reflects the percentage of taxpayers reporting net capital gains — the profits from sales of capital assets such as stock or real estate — by county in 2012. The shading of the counties is based on their rank out of 3,124 counties in the United States, with darker shades indicating higher values. read more >