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Trade Deal Feeds China Taste for Beef, Won't Close Deficit

Trade Deal Feeds China Taste for Beef, Won't Close Deficit

A new China-U.S. trade deal will help sate the growing Chinese appetite for beef and allow more natural gas imports to fuel the country's expanding economy, but it steers clear of bigger issues that would have more substantial impact on the U.S. trade deficit.
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Back to the Future (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

President Trump's premature exultation notwithstanding, Obamacare remains in place. It is as flawed as ever, but millions of Americans — including one in 10 Arkansans — are better off than they were without it. Senate Republicans have a rare opportunity, legislatively and politically, if they will seize it.
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US Retail Sales Rebounded in April After Sluggish Winter

Americans stepped up their spending at auto dealers, hardware stores and e-commerce outlets as retail sales rebounded from two sluggish months.
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Millennials at Work: Not Job-Hoppers

Millennial employees are no more likely to job-hop than Generation X workers did when they were young adults, statistics show. read more >

New Homes Sales Rebounded 2.9 Percent in May

Sales of new homes rebounded in May, helped by strong sales gains in the South and West. read more >

Applications for US Jobless Aid Tick Up to Still-Low 241K

Slightly more people sought US unemployment benefits last week, but the number of applications remained at a historically low level that suggests the job market is healthy. read more >

Trump's Cuba Plan Puts Stone in Path of A Better Relationship (Ed Kardas Commentary)

Friday's news about Cuba was disheartening to Southern Arkansas University professor and Cuba expert Ed Kardas. read more >

SMH, Uber (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

The ideas and technology of privately held Uber Inc. are still at the mercy of management, and the management of Uber is just horrible. read more >

Arkansas Unemployment Rate Drops to 3.4 Percent

Arkansas' unemployment rate fell in May to a new record low, 3.4 percent, down one-tenth of a percentage point from April and seven-tenths of a percentage point from May 2016. read more >

How Fed Hike Will Affect US Consumers and Overseas Economies

The cumulative impact of another Federal Reserve interest rate hike — its fourth in 18 months — will range widely for individuals and businesses with loans or income-producing accounts. read more >

Gas Prices in Oklahoma, Arkansas Among the Nation's Lowest

Motorists in Oklahoma and Arkansas are enjoying some of the nation's lowest gas prices. read more >