Power List Incomplete


Power List Incomplete

To the Editor:

I sat down this week to read Arkansas Business as I always do, looking forward to the Power List issues as I always do. Editor Gwen Moritz’s explanation of the list was simple and to the point: “[W]e simply profiled the people running Arkansas’ leading business, professional and nonprofit entities.”

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I cheated a little and skipped to the “law” section, to be once again completely not surprised. Five lawyers. Three from some of the biggest insurance defense shops in the state and two in-house for the largest corporation in the world.

First, I consider two of these lawyers friends of mine, and all five are certainly powerful attorneys. But your list was so glaringly one-sided this time I had to comment. You might as well have made your political list from only one party, your media list from only one station and your retail list from one company (which was actually close, with three of five being from Wal-Mart).

Second, if you are attempting to list “powerful” lawyers who are leading businesses, you might have mentioned Gary Green, Sam Hilburn, Mike Rainwater, Patrick Benca, Bobby McDaniels and, yes, Brad Hendricks (perhaps my bias is showing), to name a few very powerful attorneys who run businesses that are dramatically affecting the rights of the citizens of this state.

I know your publication seeks a certain demographic, and that’s why your lists rarely surprise me, but perhaps broaden your net just a touch when representing who is “powerful” in the law in Arkansas.

Tré Kitchens

The Brad Hendricks Law Firm, Little Rock