Investor Sued Over Sour Soul of the South Deal

Investor Sued Over Sour Soul of the South Deal
Soul of the South Network's location in Little Rock | (Photo by Jason Burt)

An affiliate of Soul of the South Media Holdings Inc. of Little Rock is suing a would-be investor.

SSN Funding Ltd. alleges that TVi Media LLC of New York didn’t make good on an agreement to invest in the national network dedicated to news and entertainment as told from the perspective of black Americans living in the South.

TVi Media is an advertising sales organization that specializes in building markets for developing television networks.

The company entered into a limited partnership with Soul of the South in which TVi Media was to pay related SSN Funding Ltd. $200,000 by July 30, 2013.

The payment was never made, so SSN filed a complaint in Pulaski County Circuit Court on Sept. 3.

Meanwhile, Soul of the South is still listed on TVi’s website as a client, along with Jewish Life Television, RLTV and Launch-TV.