Bart Barlogie Named Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Pathology

Bart Barlogie Named Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Pathology
Bart Barlogie

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has named Dr. Bart Barlogie as a distinguished professor of medicine and pathology in the College of Medicine in a resolution from the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees.

Only nine members of the UAMS faculty have received the recognition, which is reserved for those nationally recognized for advances in medical sciences. Barlogie was recognized for his translational research and care of thousands of patients with multiple myeloma, a cancer that starts in the plasma cells of bone marrow.

Barlogie was also the first UAMS faculty member to be awarded the title of distinguished clinical scholar in residence for his role in clinical research that resulted in the doubling of the expected survival rate of newly diagnosed patients.  

Barlogie, who was born in Germany, is the founder and former director of the UAMS Myeloma Institute, which has seen more than 11,000 patients since it was founded in 1989. Among its accomplishments, the institute was the first to: use tandem bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell transplants, perform transplants on an outpatient basis, safely transplant patients age 70 and above, transplant patients with renal disease and introduce thalidomide as anti-angiogenesis therapy.

The institute areas more patients with multiple myeloma and related diseases than any other facility in the world.