Larry Crain Could Sell Radio Stations to Salem Media

Larry Crain Could Sell Radio Stations to Salem Media
Larry Crain

There may be more to the Larry Crain radio station story than originally reported, one of our operatives tells us.

You might recall that Crain, a Little Rock businessman, recently ended a civil dispute with a partner — radio executive Steve Renfro — over his KKSP-FM, 93.3, radio station in Little Rock by buying out his partner’s interest. The two had clashed over management of the station, which was temporarily placed under receivership while the lawsuit unfolded in Washington County Circuit Court.

Another lawsuit, filed by Bo Mattingly’s Sports Personality LLC, is heading to trial later this year. Sports Personality claims Crain isn’t upholding his end of a contract, including a renewal that would have lasted through 2016.

As the legal battles continue, Crain is said to be in talks to sell KKSP, as well as another station he owns, KHTE-FM, 96.5, to Salem Media Group, which has its headquarters in Camarillo, California. Salem Media is in the business of publishing, radio and providing Internet content with a focus on “Christian and family-themed content and conservative values,” according to its website.

Crain’s attorney, Charles Darwin “Skip” Davidson, said it was too early for him to comment on a possible deal.

Salem Media had not responded to an email seeking comment by press time.