Angel Eye's 5 Tips for Startup Success

Angel Eye Camera Systems is enabling parents to view their premature babies when they can’t be at the hospital in person.

Developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Angel Eye’s system is in place at nine hospitals across the country, including UAMS, with more deals pending.

CEO Steve Bethel wants to expand the platform to provide two-way communication between parents at home and nurses at the hospital. While Angel Eye focuses on further developing its product, it remains a small startup on the cusp of growth.

The Angel Eye team offers up its five tips for startup success:

  • Continually think about and push innovation in your products and services.
  • Listen to the marketplace for product and service enhancements and refinements.
  • Try to be proactive about business funding and capitalization requirements.
  • Take time and effort to recruit the best employees. Make everyone feel accountable and valuable.
  • Create atmosphere where productivity and fun coexist.

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