Tyson Foods Gives $500,000 to Walton Arts Center

Tyson Foods Gives $500,000 to Walton Arts Center
Sara Lilygren, Tyson Foods' executive vice president of corporate affairs, and Peter B. Lane, president and CEO of Walton Arts Center. (Walton Arts Center)

Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale on Thursday donated $500,000 to the Walton Arts Center expansion campaign.

The campaign aims to raise $23 million for the Fayetteville center, which is adding 30,000 SF of space, including a new atrium lobby that connects to Dickson Street; renovations and expansion of Starr Theater; expanded space for back of the house technical and theatrical equipment; and new offices.

The goal is to complete the Dickson Street renovation by fall 2016. Construction of the main lobby and Starr Theater will occur during the off-peak summer months this year and next.

Since Walton Arts Center opened, Tyson Foods has sponsored season programming, education programs and capital projects. To honor the meat processor, the center will name the renovated exterior "Tyson Plaza" and call the primary entry from Dickson Street the "Tyson Entrance."

"Thanks to the long-time partnership with Tyson Foods, Walton Arts Center is able to provide enriching arts opportunities for children and audiences in northwest Arkansas," said Peter B. Lane, president and CEO of Walton Arts Center. "We are excited about the new Tyson Plaza and Tyson Entrance, which will welcome those attending our renovated campus. 

"Thanks to this generous gift, Walton Arts Center will continue to be a place where people of all ages can enjoy great entertainment, experience cultures from around the world and learn together," he said.

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