FABT Turns Eye on Angelica Rogers In Search of John Rogers Assets

FABT Turns Eye on Angelica Rogers In Search of John Rogers Assets
Angelica Rogers

Did you know Angelica Rogers is now on the firing line of collection efforts by First Arkansas Bank & Trust?

The Jacksonville bank has asked for a default judgment against the former wife of alleged fraudster John Rogers of North Little Rock. Angelica Rogers, who is said to be actively dodging process servers these days, personally guaranteed the debt.

The outstanding debt owed is $15.2 million and climbing after First Arkansas landed a default judgment against John Rogers in January. The bank is asking that a receiver be appointed for the assets of Angelica and John Rogers and for Photo Archive Partners LLC.

“PAP, John Rogers and Angelica Rogers are insolvent and cannot pay their obligations ...,” First Bank alleges.

The bank also is seeking a default judgment against Photo Archive Partners, representing a venture between John Rogers and Mac Hogan.

You might recall that a court-appointed receiver, Michael McAfee, already is overseeing the assets of Photo Archive Partners, Sports Cards Plus Inc., Digital Stock Planet LLC and Planet Giant LLC.

The bank holds April 15 default judgments against Sports Cards Plus, Digital Stock and Planet Giant.

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