Pulaski County Comes After John Rogers on Delinquent Property Tax

Pulaski County Comes After John Rogers on Delinquent Property Tax
The Rogers mansion in North Little Rock. (Pulaski County Assessor)

John Rogers spent part of last week in jail after a Pulaski County judge had him arrested for contempt of court.

So this is probably the least of his worries: In addition to the tens of millions that creditors are trying to get out of him, he and/or his ex-wife, Angelica, owe Pulaski County more than $150,000 in taxes.

The biggest piece is delinquent 2013 property tax on the mansion they built on Avondale Road overlooking Lake No. 1 in North Little Rock. With penalties and interest, the delinquent tax on the house was more than $58,000 as of last week, according to data provided by the Pulaski County Treasurer’s Office.

Another $49,400 in 2014 tax on the house is due by October.

The house is now assessed in Angelica Rogers’ name since their divorce last fall.

The Rogerses have delinquent and current taxes due on four other real properties in North Little Rock and a smattering of personal property taxes, bringing the total due as of Thursday to $150,316.84.

John Rogers is the dealer in sports memorabilia and historic photos who is the subject of a federal criminal investigation and numerous civil collection suits seeking more than $45 million in debts and another $49 million in punitive damages.

Rogers was arrested Wednesday on a contempt warrant issued by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox after Rogers failed to fully respond to discovery requests and file an affidavit of assets after First Arkansas Bank & Trust of Jacksonville won a default judgment that has grown to more than $15 million.