John Rogers Case Attracts Attention from Chicago Feds

John Rogers Case Attracts Attention from Chicago Feds
(Photo of John Rogers courtesy Pulaski County Sheriff)

Did you know visitors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Illinois were in Little Rock earlier this month?

The occasion wasn’t a summer vacation.

The legal eagles were in town on business in the form of a person: John Rogers, alleged serial fraudster and would-be photo archive/sports memorabilia magnate.

A chat concerning a plea deal for the North Little Rock businessman and subject of multiple lawsuits from creditors, investors and customers is said to be part of the itinerary.


We know for certain the folks from the Land of Lincoln were gathering material and talking with witnesses and, in some cases, possible co-conspirators.

The Arkansas road trip included agents from the Chicago office of the FBI.

The expedition resembled the sort of sojourn made in preparation to convene a grand jury in search of an indictment.

Based on the ever-growing civil court record, charges of bank fraud and more wouldn’t be surprising in a federal criminal case against Rogers.

The clock began ticking publicly when federal agents came calling at his business and home on Jan. 28, 2014.

The known financial claims against Rogers total more than $45 million.