Optus: Communicating Good Relations

Optus: Communicating Good Relations

A company that provides communication technology services to businesses, it would stand to reason, is one that communicates well with its employees.

Optus, the Jonesboro-based firm with offices in 12 states, thrives on such communication, and its employees have communicated their appreciation.

Optus places as much emphasis on serving its customers as it does its clients, resulting in an atmosphere where employees are productive, efficient and satisfied.

“They make the magic happen here every day, and I am just fortunate to be a part of it,” CEO Mark Duckworth said.

Optus focuses on keeping its team engaged. Examples include recognizing major employee success stories, performance results updates, publicizing community service opportunities and a daily word of encouragement.

Employee perks, benefits and achievements include:

  • Twenty percent of the Optus team participated on the company’s 2015 Corporate Olympics team and brought home the top trophy.
  • Employees raised more than $1,000 for the 2015 March for Babies walk.
  • Optus provides up to $8,000 annually in college scholarships to children and grandchildren of employees.
  • Optus employees donated 21 units of blood at the most recent American Red Cross blood drive.
  • Employees enjoy a “casual Friday” dress code every day.
  • New employees are eligible for health benefits and 401(k) on the first day of the month following their hire date.
  • Optus provides flexible work schedules and paid time-off policies, spontaneous treat days, holiday costume contests, cookouts, southern-style potlucks, free coffee daily and a filtered water/ice dispenser with “Sonic-style” ice nuggets.

Duckworth said because Optus is not part of a large conglomerate, it can be flexible. If a program isn’t well received, the company can make changes quickly, he said.

Our employees are committed to our customers and one another which is evidenced by the great lengths they go to in order to make newcomers feel welcome and customers satisfied.
­— Mark Duckworth, CEO

Neat Thing We Do
Optus is located close to the Food Bank of northeast Arkansas and employees take advantage of that proximity, partnering with the agency to help sort food at annual events such as the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. In addition, Optus provides volunteers for the Food Bank throughout the year, and it hosts in-house food drives.