Harry Hutchison, St. Bernards Healthcare (Nonprofit Organization CFO Finalist)

Harry Hutchison, St. Bernards Healthcare (Nonprofit Organization CFO Finalist)
Harry Hutchison

For Harry Hutchison, the vice president of finance at St. Bernards Healthcare, nothing is more important in his job than his organization’s mission.

“This organization is different from any other organization I’ve ever worked with as far as being mission-minded,” Hutchison said. “I look forward to work every day.”

The mission of St. Bernards is “to provide Christ-like healing to the community through education, treatment and health services.”

Hutchison, whose career has spanned 36 years, said his current job is by far his favorite, but he is proud of his accomplishments at other hospitals where he has worked. “Some hospitals have had a very difficult financial situation when I got there, but I’ve always seemed to be able to improve that,” Hutchison said.

Hutchison graduated from Harding University with an accounting degree and later earned his master’s in health care administration from Trinity University. He’s a licensed CPA.

He entered the health care industry initially because he wanted to leave a job that had him traveling three weeks every month. “Over time, I began to see how important it was to manage the resources of whatever health care organization I was with at the time to make sure we could meet our mission,” Hutchison said.

He’s proud, he said, that St. Bernards offers some of the lowest priced care in the nation.

In the next couple of years, Hutchison will be helping manage the finances for a more than $200 million remodel and expansion of the hospital. “My goal is to go through that expansion plan and be debt-free when we come out of the plan,” Hutchison said.

He plans to finish out his career at St. Bernards Healthcare. “I’ve learned so much by being a part of this organization,” Hutchison said.