QuBowl Awaits Quiz Results

QuBowl Awaits Quiz Results
John James hopes to score points with QuBowl. (Beth Hall)

Early returns are good for QuBowl, the Quiz Bowl training startup helped by John James’ Hayseed Ventures.

QuBowl is an online training program that helps students from grade school to high school prepare for Quiz Bowl competitions. QuBowl’s program allows students the flexibility to train in weak areas while allowing coaches to track the work habits and progress of their students.

The program costs $499 for a team of 12, and QuBowl has sold to clients in 92 schools in 18 states, said co-founder Will Gilbrech. The system is an improvement, Gilbrech said, of previous prep systems that are basically just books of questions.

“We’ve done better [than expected],” Gilbrech said. “So far it has been successful. There’s not a company that really does this. A big passion of ours is taking learning and making it fun.”

The true test, of course, is when the 92 schools start seeing the fruits of their labors during Quiz Bowl season, which Gilbrech said typically runs from October through February in most states. Gilbrech said the company plans to start sending out advertisement pamphlets to more than 40,000 schools nationwide several times a year.

Gilbrech said the company’s client base is evenly divided between already-successful schools and schools that are just beginning to compete or have not been very successful. It would be nice to be able to point to some success stories of schools using the QuBowl system to improve their Quiz Bowl results in the next quarterly mailing.

“That would be phenomenal,” Gilbrech said. “We will have to wait until February to see how that shakes out.”