1620 Savoy Closes, RH Cuisine Takes Over

1620 Savoy Closes, RH Cuisine Takes Over
Grilled asparagus accompanies 1620 Savoy’s scallops with sofrito, jalapeno, mushrooms and Hollandaise. (Dustin Nevill)

1620 Savoy announced Tuesday that it had closed after 25 years in Little Rock. 

Saturday, Jan. 9, was the restaurant's final day.

The restaurant had more than 25 years of service under its belt. Its predecessor, 1620, opened in 1990. It was eventually purchased in 2012 by RH Cuisine — owned by Rush Harding — with Chefs Payne Harding and Tim Morton (nephew of former owner Yvette Brady) at the reins.

The restaurant changed added "Savoy" to its name to suggest classiness and live jazz nights.

The restaurant's outstanding catering obligations will be fulfilled by RH Catering, led by Morton. The building and facility, owned by RH Cuisine, will be available immediately for full service catered events and parties as well as long term commercial lease for pre-approved restaurant or food service operations, according to a statement from RH Cuisine.