Delta Plastics Empowers Employees To Succeed

Delta Plastics Empowers Employees To Succeed

From solving day-to-day problems on the job to mapping out long-term goals, Delta Plastics employees are encouraged to always be, in the words of the company mission “part of the solution”.

“We want all of our employees — from a newly hired line attendant to a senior executive — to feel like Delta is an extension of their family,” said CEO Sean Whiteley. “We want them to feel that they are doing something that fills them with pride and satisfaction, that they are paid and treated well for their contributions and are surrounded by people they love and respect.”

Delta Plastics manufactures irrigation polytube for the agriculture industry at its Little Rock facility. It also operates a recycling facility in Stuttgart which recovers, cleans and processes more than 150 million pounds of contaminated plastics annually, totaling more than 1 billion pounds to date.

Its employee programs focus on communications by providing ample opportunity for executive leadership and mid-level management to stay connected to the needs of the workforce. Whiteley conducts regular town hall meetings and an employee task force, comprised primarily of non-manager level individuals from each functional area and corporate location, develops specific items to the executive team.

“People want to know what is going on and why decisions are being made. Plus, many of our best ideas come from entry-level colleagues,” Whiteley said. “As CEO, I meet with all employees in small groups to discuss company performance, the latest progress on our expansion or growth initiatives and answering any questions the employees may have.”

Delta Plastics also takes an active role in helping employees map their long-term success with the firm.

“We work with employees to determine their career goals and what steps they need to take to accomplish those goals,” Whitely said. “This is an annual process where we update that vision, recalibrate as necessary, review what progress has been made in their ‘next step’ objectives and set new goals for the coming year.”

Neat Thing We Do
Through the company’s Never Stop Learning initiative, Delta Plastics provides for paid tuition and books for high-performing employees interested in earning their undergraduate, graduate or vocational degree or certification.

“Ultimately, a ‘best workplace’ is a work environment where you could not imagine working anyplace else. That is the type of environment we strive each day to achieve.” — Sean Whiteley, CEO

The company also promotes an environment of continuous learning through its Wall of Honor, a program that takes years to complete.

“The Wall of Honor program is a five-stage process by which an employee learns our core values and applies them through a series of internal and community-focused activities,” Whiteley said. “There are monetary awards and recognitions for completing each stage of the Wall of Honor.

“Job shadowing is part of our Wall of Honor — an employee must complete four shifts in a department that is not her or his own. This allows us to walk in the shoes of one of our colleagues for a day in order to increase understanding, compassion and interconnectedness.”