John Rogers Admits Cocaine Use in Facebook Post

John Rogers Admits Cocaine Use in Facebook Post
(Pulaski County Sheriff)

You may have heard that alleged serial fraudster John Rogers recently divulged that his bad behavior included a fondness for cocaine.

The former owner of Sports Card Plus and Rogers Photo Archive of North Little Rock mentioned his taste for nose candy on Facebook on Sept. 12.

Some are skeptical of the motive behind the disclosure in advance of his arraignment and sentencing for wire fraud.

Motives aside, the admission can be counted among an inventory of truthful things in his house of lies.

While hanging out at Little Rock’s Pizza D’Action earlier this year, Rogers confided that he was only good at two things: drinking and bullshitting.

He also offered insight into his two police mug shots from 2015: the dour Dec. 3 photo taken after his morning arrest on theft and burglary charges and the beaming July 22 photo after his evening arrest at the Fox & Hound sports tavern on a bench warrant for contempt.

“Yeah, I was coked up in that one,” Rogers said.

In his Facebook missive, he mentions making poor choices “several years ago” that resulted in the wire fraud charge. He gave an online shoutout to the G-men for saving his drug-addled life, thanks to their fraud probe intervention.

According to business associates and investors, Rogers made poor choices and played fraud games for years, even after the FBI raid on his business and home on Jan. 29, 2014.

Rogers’ Facebook friends expressed more love and support for Rogers than the creditors who want their combined $50 million back.