'Razorback Nation' Anchor Resigns After Mixing Medication and Alcohol

'Razorback Nation' Anchor Resigns After Mixing Medication and Alcohol
Aaron Peters (KNWA)

Aaron Peters announced his departure as the "Razorback Nation" anchor on KNWA-TV in Rogers and KARK-TV in Little Rock after he says he mixed prescription medication with alcohol and briefly appeared on the air on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Peters, whose LinkedIn account says he was at KNWA/KARK for nine years, posted a videotaped resignation announcement on Facebook on Tuesday, saying that he had been "asked to step down" from his position.

On Oct. 12, he was seen briefly as the sports segment began and then cameras quickly cut away. Viewers cited by the Arkansas TV News Watch website described Peters as seeming to have been intoxicated.

He hasn't returned to the air since.

"I made a poor, poor judgment decision as of last Wednesday," Peters said in his Facebook video post. "I mixed a prescription medicine with alcohol between the shows. It was a terrible decision, and I haven't taken a lot of meds before in my life. I do know that it was wrong."

Peters said he had enjoyed covering the Razorbacks over 16 years for "four different stations across the state."

"Unfortunately now it's time for me to ponder what to do with the next chapter of my life," he said.

Peters' LinkedIn page notes that he was a broadcasting student at the University of Central Oklahoma from 1996 to 2000.