Crafton Tull Becomes Part of Fayetteville's Landscape

Crafton Tull Becomes Part of Fayetteville's Landscape
Crafton Tull CEO Matt Crafton and Mark Owings, the senior vice president of architecture who will manage the Fayetteville office.

Crafton Tull, a civil engineering and architecture firm, will open an office in Fayetteville in December.

It will be Crafton Tull’s seventh office and fifth in Arkansas. Crafton Tull also has offices in Rogers, Little Rock, Russellville and Conway, as well as branches in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Crafton Tull’s Fayetteville office will be at 1450 Zion Road, and the company met with the city’s engineer to finalize approval of the renovation.

Company CEO Matt Crafton said the expansion was needed because of the number of customers the firm has in the city, which includes the Fayetteville School District.

Crafton said several Crafton Tull employees work in northwest Arkansas but live in Fayetteville or the surrounding communities. A Fayetteville location will be much more convenient for them, especially considering how much of a commuting nightmare Interstate 49 is because of construction.

Mark Owings, senior vice president of architecture, will manage the new Fayetteville office. Vice President Tom Hennelly will be in charge of the office’s civil engineering projects.

Crafton Tull designed the office renovation. C.R. Crawford Construction Co. did the construction.