John Rogers To Plead Guilty at February Hearing

John Rogers To Plead Guilty at February Hearing
(Photo of John Rogers courtesy Pulaski County Sheriff)

Did you know John Rogers, the alleged serial fraudster, will be changing his plea to guilty in 10 weeks?

Rogers, 43, is scheduled to cop to one count of felony wire fraud on Feb. 3 in Chicago’s U.S. District Court.

The plea agreement is linked with his scheming “to fraudulently obtain at least approximately $10 million” from investors, financial institutions and customers.

The change of plea from the former sports memorabilia and photo dealer will come more than three years after federal agents raided his North Little Rock business and home on Jan. 29, 2014.

These days, the former owner of Sports Card Plus and Rogers Photo Archive is no longer wearing a court-ordered fashion accessory: an ankle bracelet to track his whereabouts.

We’ve heard conflicting accounts about who granted him permission to ditch it. But we do know that the timing coincided with his five-day road trip to Chicago to attend his Oct. 7 arraignment.

Rogers was ordered to wear the ankle bracelet and not travel outside Arkansas on Dec. 8, 2015. He was arrested, you may recall, for allegedly stealing hard drives with digital images from his former office four months earlier.

While that local criminal case floats in the wind, we’ve heard the sentence Rogers is expecting to receive from Uncle Sam in Illinois: three-five years in the federal prison camp in Millington, Tennessee.