No Splitting Hairs Over Philip Taldo's Choice of Venue for Highway Oath

No Splitting Hairs Over Philip Taldo's Choice of Venue for Highway Oath
Philip Taldo

Philip Taldo is a Springdale man through and through so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone he took the Arkansas Highway Commission oath of office in a downtown barbershop.

Taldo, 65, was appointed to the commission by Gov. Asa Hutchinson and was sworn in Jan. 16 by Springdale District Judge Jeff Harper. When it came time to choose where he would take the oath, Taldo picked Bailey’s Barber & Style Shoppe, which is owned by Rex Bailey, a former city councilman and member of the Washington County Quorum Court.

Bailey’s, on Spring Street near the city’s administrative building, is a gathering place for local leaders.

“I came up with it on my own,” Taldo said. “I’m representing the whole state on the commission. I think it sends a good signal out; we’re a rural state with a lot of small towns. Every small town has a barbershop.”

Taldo attended his first commission meeting Jan. 19 and brings a deep knowledge of infrastructure and financing from his years as a real estate developer. Taldo estimates he has built 25 residential subdivisions with all the requisite engineering and construction requirements; he is also a member of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

“The commission is part building roads and part political, attracting funding,” Taldo said. “I’ve been training for it all these years.”

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