Little Rock Tech Park Announces 5 More Tenants

Little Rock Tech Park Announces 5 More Tenants
Construction and renovations continue at the Little Rock Technology Park's headquarters on Main Street.

The Little Rock Technology Park on Tuesday named five new tenants for Phase 1 of its new facility, set to open March 1 at 417 Main St. in downtown Little Rock.  

The tenants are:

  • MobX, a team of senior software engineers that has designed and developed more than 300 mobile apps and served more than 20 million users.

  • Touchwood Technologies Inc., a provider of professional software development services for mobile and cloud applications.

  • Playbook Weight Management, which uses a proprietary algorithm, bioelectric impedance analysis, personalized video, real-world and virtual coaching to help clients take off weight and keep it off.

  • Noble Impact, an education initiative that at one time resided in the tech park's temporary space at 107 Markham St. It helps educators implement a project-based and portfolio-driven learning environment that engages students with real-world experiences and tools, giving them an entrepreneurial skillset and a public service mindset.

  • On Site Hepatology, which provides a mobile on-site service to physicians so that they can track the past, present and future of their patient base and make data-driven treatment desicisions for liver disease patients.

With the addition of these tenants, the tech park said the turnkey space on the second and third floors of the facility is 82 percent leased to 14 companies.

Long-term lease space, which includes previously announced tenants the Venture Center, Ritter Communications and Blue Sail Coffee Roasters, is 25 percent leased.

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