Vesuvio Bistro Dunned by State DFA

Vesuvio Bistro Dunned by State DFA
Bill Criswell and Santi Sacca, owners of Vesuvio Bistro.

Visiting the state website listing business closure notices because of tax delinquencies is just a thing Whispers does.

Last week’s visit indicated that Vesuvio Bistro at 1315 Breckenridge Drive in Little Rock had been served with a closure notice May 4. But owner Bill Criswell says it was all a misunderstanding.

“We just got behind a little bit,” Criswell said. “They gave us a few days to pay it and we’re paid and going on forward.”

The Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration, as authorized by Act 360 of 2009, can close any business that fails to remit withholding taxes for any three months during a 24-month period, and lists those businesses served with closure notices.

The state doesn’t disclose how much in sales and use tax a business owes, and Criswell declined to provide the amount.

The Little Rock Advertising & Promotion Commission in July sued Criswell’s Bistro Group for $1,500 in sales taxes but that debt was settled within hours, filings in Pulaski County Circuit Court show.