Broadcasters Association Leader Doug Krile to Retire

Broadcasters Association Leader Doug Krile to Retire
Doug Krile

The Arkansas Broadcasters Association announced Wednesday that Executive Director Doug Krile will retire this summer.

Krile, a former television news reporter and anchor, led the nonprofit for seven years. He plans to retire after the group's annual convention in July.

"I've made many friends in the Arkansas Broadcasting community during my time at ABA," Krile said. "I thoroughly enjoyed the last years, and consider it the ideal way to cap off more than 45 years in radio and TV.

"The broadcasting industry is rapidly changing, but remains vitally important to keeping the public informed and entertained," he said.

ABA President-Elect Bradford Caldwell will lead a search committee to find the group's next leader. Caldwell said the group will look inside and outside the state.

"Having a leader with strong association experience will be helpful in advocating for the ABA and promoting our programs," Caldwell said.

Krile began his career in radio, but Arkansans might recognize him best for the 11 years he spent as a newscaster at NBC affiliate KARK-TV, Channel 4, in Little Rock. 

In 1997, he left for a corporate post at the broadcast chain Equity Broadcasting of Little Rock, where he spent 10 years before taking a tech marketing position at Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

Krile left that job in 2007, subsequently working with a partner on a startup digital media and marketing venture. He joined the ABA as executive director in April 2010.

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