Two Little Rock Homes Produce Million-Dollar Transactions

Two Little Rock Homes Produce Million-Dollar Transactions
From top left: Greenbrier property purchased by an affiliate of Mark McLarty and Heights property bought by a John Stephens affiliate, both in Little Rock. (Pulaski County Assessor)

Two Little Rock homes produced million-dollar transactions.

YanJun LLC, led by Mark McLarty, bought the 3-acre spread in the Greenbrier neighborhood for more than $1.6 million.

Who sold the 5,140-SF residence? McGill Terrace LLC, led by Mack and Donna McLarty.

Susan Woodyard sold her 4,554-SF home near the Country Club of Little Rock for $1 million.

Buyer: 317 Property Trust, led by John Stephens.

This acquisition represents a second tear-down in the making for Stephens. You might recall that he bought Demp Dempsey’s 6,823-SF home for $2.5 million last year and razed it.

We’re told the Woodyard house has an appointment with a bulldozer. That will clear the way to build a road to link the future home site on the former Dempsey property with Longfellow Place.