Best Places to Work: Rural Sourcing Inc.

Best Places to Work: Rural Sourcing Inc.

Employees at Rural Sourcing rarely have to wonder where they stand.

Reviews are conducted every three months to help staff monitor progress in achieving individual and company goals. Rural Sourcing’s CEO hosts quarterly updates on company progress.

Meeting highlights include the awarding of “Raving Fans” bonuses and incentives for employees who have generated positive feedback from customers. Incentives can also be earned for referring new staff members to the company and every employee is eligible for a profit sharing bonus.

Rural Sourcing Inc.
Home: Jonesboro
Employees: 40
Industry Type: Technology

A well-defined career Matrix allows employees to shape their career, laying out options for management and other possibilities within the company.

Rural Sourcing, which plans to open 10 new IT centers and create thousands of jobs across the United States over the next five years, offers paid time off for parents following the birth of a child. Flexible scheduling options, including the opportunity to work from home, add to the appeal.

It isn’t unusual for video game tournament, foosball competitions or movie nights to break-up the monotony of the work day. On-site gyms allow for more physical opportunities to de-stress.

Flu shots are offered to employees annually. Discounted gym membership options and healthy meal/snack options in the breakroom also help promote wellness.