Greg Hatcher Says Brakes Failed on Cessna After Landing

Greg Hatcher Says Brakes Failed on Cessna After Landing
A Cessna Citation CJ4 sits in the grass near a runway on the western side of Clinton National Airport. Greg Hatcher of Little Rock said the aircraft's brakes malfunctioned upon landing. (Clinton National Airport)

No one was injured after the brakes reportedly failed on a small aircraft that landed near midnight at Clinton National Airport.

Greg Hatcher, owner and founder of The Hatcher Agency in Little Rock, was piloting the Cessna Citation CJ4. He said its brakes did not function properly and that he had to turn the aircraft into a grassy area at the end of the runway in order to stop it.

Hatcher and one passenger were on board the plane, which landed on Runway 18/36 on the west side of the airfield.

The aircraft was arriving from Las Vegas and is registered to Charter Express. The Federal Aviation Administration plans to investigate any damage to the plane later this morning. 

Both Runways 18/36 and 4L-22R, the airport’s main commercial runway, remained open following the incident.