The Year in Executive Q&A: 2017

The Year in Executive Q&A: 2017

Dear Readers,

I often say that the No. 1 thing that interests Arkansas Business readers is OPM — other people’s money. Our news staff understands that the fundamental service we perform is compiling information to help business executives understand and navigate an ever-changing business environment.

One way we do that is by compiling data — lots of data. Last week, subscribers received the Book of Lists, which appeals to the part of the human brain that likes to see data organized and ranked. This week we present a different kind of information that appeals to the universal fascination with other people.

Exec Q&A has been a weekly feature in Arkansas Business since 2011. We approach executives from businesses large and small, nonprofit and even government agencies, and ask them to answer questions about their organizations as well issues in their industry. Sometimes we ask personal questions — a favorite is about educational mistakes.

This is not hard-hitting journalism. It’s just a way to learn more about the people, businesses and industries that make up our business community — things that help the Arkansas Business staff improve our product and things our readers can use to learn about the industries they sell to and buy from — and maybe a life lesson along the way.

The only thing I’m selling is newspapers, and I owe a big thank-you to the 51 men and women who answered questions for this project in 2017. It is a compliment to Arkansas Business that they have agreed to help make our publication more valuable to readers.

Executive Q&A will continue throughout 2018. If you know of someone who would make a worthy subject, I’m all ears. Email me at

Best wishes,
Gwen Moritz, Editor


Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee
Osteopathic School Will Fill Physician Shortages in Delta
Jan. 9
Dale Cole
The Next 20 Years of First Community Bank of Batesville
Jan. 16
Dawn Prasifka
Teaching Your Girl Scout How To Be a Smart Cookie
Jan. 23
Susan Altrui
Zoo Exhibits a Habitat for Inspiration
Jan. 30
Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl
Marketing Firms Should Heed Call of Data
Feb. 6
Brad Smith
Seeking Value Every Day at Kimbel
Feb. 13
Matthew McClure
Opportunity in Having a Full Plate
Feb. 20
Travis Bartlett
At Home with Sustainable Design
Feb. 27
Audrey House
Arkansas Shouldn't Keep Its Wine Sales Bottled Up
Mar. 6
Bryan Hancock
Reaping Rewards from Aircraft Scrap Heap
Mar. 13
Tad Bohannon
Keeping Central Arkansas Water Ratepayers Tapped In
Mar. 20
George Covington Jr.
Ready To Raise the Roof in Conway
Mar. 27
Daryl Bassett
Why Land of Opportunity Needs More Workers To Land a Job
Apr. 3
Mike Richardson
Healthy Interest in Rising Rates
Apr. 10
Patricia Blick
Historic Preservation Can Bring Forth Economic Benefits
Apr. 17
Wayne Smith
Balance the Key to Keeping Oaklawn On Track
Apr. 24


Dan Sanker
Keep Supply Chains Unbroken
May 1
Brandon Huffman
Managing Financial Windfall from Drywall
May 8
Paul Beran
Patience, Innovation Best for Workforce's Relationship with Education
May 15
A.J. Gary
Having Game Plan Can Rescue Business from Disaster
May 22
Edward Haddock
Big Reasons to Think Small
May 29
Jerry Morgan
Commodities in the Community
June 5
Craig S. Lair
Eye on Growth at Rose Law Firm
June 12
Pat Harris
The Rise of Real Estate in Northwest Arkansas
June 19
Jeff Standridge
Why Companies Should Encourage Startups
June 26
Dan Rahn
The Top 7 Health Care Reforms He'd Like to See
July 3
Pat McCabe
Moving Hot Springs Full Steam Ahead
July 10
Bob McCaslin
Bonds Spent on Bentonville Resources Show Crystal Clear Effects
July 17
Chris Hegi
Golden Rule for Serving El Dorado
July 24
Mervin Jebaraj
Which Fast-Growing Industry Could Be the Most Unpredictable
July 31
Kelly Damphousse
A Clean Slate at A-State
Aug. 7
Emma Willis
Saving Early for Higher Education
Aug. 14
Steven Collier
Ready to Adapt with Whatever Washington Puts in Place
Aug. 21
Tab Townsell
How Building Bridges Not Always On Track
Aug. 28


Anna Beth Gorman
Interest in Equity Pays Off
Sep. 4
Kerry McCoy
Wave of Publicity
Sep. 4
David Hopkins
Setting Sites on Solar
Sep. 11
Marshall Saviers
What's Missing from Northwest Arkansas' Growth Experience
Sep. 18
Burt Hicks
Reflects Upon Impact
Sep. 25
Trisha Montague
New Hospital, ER All Part of Children's Northwest Package
Oct. 2
Gary Head
Putting a Postive Stamp on Community Commerce
Oct. 9
Vanessa McKuin
How the Public Can Band Together on Radio
Oct. 16
John P. Bethel
Keeping Arkansas' Utilities in Line
Oct. 23
Kristi Dannelley
Evolving Technology at Magna IV
Oct. 30
Richard Dunsworth
Lifts Enrollment with Tuition Locked Down
Nov. 6
Sandy Sanders
Fort Smith's Strength Not in Short Supply
Nov. 13
Allen Kerr
Seeks Freedom from Fed on Health Care
Nov. 20
Ross Whipple
Branching Out, Logging Time Away from Boardroom
Nov. 27
Roger Norman
Where Most Accounting Issues Take Place
Dec. 4
Colin Gorman
What Construction Expense State Lawmakers Should Fix First
Dec. 11
Sherece West-Scantlebury
Who Gets Grants from Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
Dec. 18